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9.17 Information for the Post Push and Chaos posted!

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 Posted: Apr 25 2014, 03:19 PM
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Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
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— Loremaster —

Packs keep the wolf in line. They are the lifeblood of the werewolf community. Ruled over by benevolent tyrants, the alphas, they are the very thing that keeps the wolf from taking control and turning the werewolf into a mindless monster.

To be added to the list, simply post your character name, the pack they belong to and their mate/rank if applicable.

The creme de la creme. The high rollers. The money makers. Predominately businessmen and women, Kennewick's pack knows which elbows to rub and don't mind flaunting it.
  • Jean-Baptiste d'Entremont, Alpha [Reid Darden-d'Entremont]
  • Locke Sinclair, Second [Dani Adair]
  • Rosemary Zhou, Third
  • Theo Calhoun-Shield, Omega [Xavier Seaworth]
  • Rhett Shield [Vincent Shield]
  • Vincent Shield [Rhett Shield
  • Fynnegan Moore, submissive
  • Winter Payne
  • Quinn Stone
  • Elsa Hyatt
  • Jude Dairine [Zoe Barton]
  • Aramis Inglewood
  • Rohan Matthews
  • Keiji Uyeda
  • Emerson Jackson
  • Damian Masters
  • Warrick Michaels
  • Elise Laurent
  • Autumn Warren, submissive
  • Reid Darden-d'Entremont, [Jean-Baptiste d'Entremont]
  • Gus Argyris, submissive
  • Jared Braddock
  • Jakob McIntyre
  • Ryan Belrose [Brant Belrose]
  • Brant Belrose [Ryan Belrose]
  • Violet Evans
  • Benjamin Hunt
  • Oliver Norwood
  • Markus, Campbell
  • Erik Falk [Aspen Brodie]
  • Aspen Brodie [Erik Falk]
  • Lazarus Smith
  • Zakuro Stanton
  • Renauld Groves
  • Tristan Archer
  • Whitney Parker
  • Cherry Lovely
  • Beryl Greene
  • Rose Forscythe
  • Claude Von Wald
  • Bernadette Benton
  • Juliet Delacroix
  • Dio Otero
  • Rathbone Redford, submissive
  • Miguel Garza [Vicente Garza]
  • Nakoma DiCabanesio
  • Lev Sokoloff
  • Evangeline Groves [Renald Groves]
  • Kiyoshi Hatsu
  • Enoch Silk
  • Omeri Stanton
  • Maksim Volkov
  • Valerian Trueblood
  • Vicente Garza [Miguel Garza]
  • Jaxin Nielsen
  • Sevket Petrosian
  • Selene Connelley, human sensitive to pack bond

A bastion of acceptance and forward thinking, Richland prides themselves on being more family oriented than the other packs. Once you're here, you're family.
  • Elden Summers, Alpha [Desiree Uris]
  • Alexei Volkov, Second
  • Cayenne Sylvain, Third
  • Kitonwy Morgan, Omega
  • Beauregard St James
  • Sebastian Benoit
  • Dmitri Frost
  • Micah Alexander
  • Cain Boone
  • Lawrence Voss, submissive [Alex Forstner]
  • Wyatt Wesson
  • Nathaniel Cooper
  • Logan Dalton
  • Quinn Caitlyn
  • Riley Sanders
  • Malcolm Rivera
  • Demian LaGrande
  • Flint Steele
  • Fletcher Keating
  • Amelia Artemi
  • Zinoviy Rosenthal
  • Arthur Croft
  • Charity Ward
  • Keri Adair
  • Samuel Tucker
  • Dirk Deadman
  • Augustine Dairine, submissive
  • Brandon Carlyle
  • Katya Volkov [Dexter Bradley]
  • Elias Ryan
  • Estaban Argryis
  • Mackenzie Anderson
  • Scarlett Cohen
  • Ezra Thacker
  • Salazar McLaughlin
  • Wren Drinkwine
  • Jasper Morning Star
  • Graham Hightower
  • Haylee Matthews, submissive
  • Sterling Cunningham
  • Elsinore Atkinson
  • Venetia Aulikki
  • Ava Sylvain, submissive
  • Travis Zimmerman
  • Fitzgerald Woodcock
  • Merriweather Seaworth
  • Isaiah Whitham
  • Kane Lawsone, [Galahad Malory]
  • Tiodoro Blomkvist [Fabian Blomkvist]
  • Altair Kashgari
  • Mortekai Quinonez, Submissive
  • Marion Hightower
  • Milo Mercer
  • Paul McCoy
  • Murphy Breckenridge
  • Kasi Soravati.
  • Sareina Noel, Submissive
  • Andre Volkov
  • James Carter
  • Mei Liu
  • Desiree Uris, Submissive [Elden Summers]
  • Kathleen Coleman
  • Nathaniel Boer
  • Sage Fisher, fox walker

With an alpha who is no stranger to tough love, Pasco is the home for those that might need a little extra supervision or might not fit in elsewhere.
  • Aiden Kane, Alpha
  • Cole Greenway, Second
  • Remington Dairine, Third
  • Inali Blackstone, omega
  • Anderson Craft, submissive
  • Xavier Seaworth [Theodore Calhoun-Shield]
  • Abel Bishop
  • Tobias Hudson
  • Darach Seaworth
  • Killian O'Rinn
  • Evan Mckale
  • Zane McKale
  • Markeus Hyatt
  • Isobelle Leblanc
  • Leopold Trask
  • Balthazar McLaughlin
  • Shamus Doran
  • Thomas Seaworth, submissive
  • Madison Seaworth
  • Connor Seaworth
  • Kiernan McLeod
  • Ezekiel Tannen
  • Maggie Whitmore
  • Amos Argyris
  • Fergus Calhoun, [Reagan Calhoun]
  • Cayetano d'Entremont
  • Dominic Fox
  • Hawthorne Hobbs
  • Ulysses Stillwater
  • Morgan Kingsley, Submissive
  • Dexter Bradley, [Katya Volkov]
  • Jason Haught
  • Max North [Kaywinn Banks]
  • Nicholas Seaworth
  • Theodore Raff
  • Julian Forester, Submissive
  • Clayton Seaworth
  • Nazarius Giovanneli, submissive
  • Zander Burke
  • Julio Hernandez
  • Barabbas Rawlings
  • Santiago D'Cruz
  • Ruby Ortega
  • Taylor Gallagher
  • Kimble Stewart
  • Kaywinn Banks, [Max North]
  • Jack Norton
  • Shiloh Hitchcock
  • Kennedy Walker
  • Emmet Gallagher
  • Everett St. Claire, [Taylor Gallagher]
  • Ambrose Matthews
  • Valerie Stevens
  • Tobias Seaworth
  • Finnigan Doherty
  • Tanner McKnight

All werewolves must belong to a pack. ((You are given 1 OOC month to choose a pack.))
  • Etienne Delacroix, Joined 2/17/17
  • Peter Weston, Joined 5/31/17
  • Adina Haswari, Joined 6/26/17

To be added:

Pack <li>First Last, rank [mate]</li>

Delete rank and mate if not applicable. Only ranks should be official ones or submissive.
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