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 Job Claims
 Posted: May 8 2014, 06:06 PM
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job claim.
Use this claim to show off what jobs your characters have! If your character owns an establishment and other characters are capable of working for them use the longer, establishment code. Both are located below.

...And Everything Nice.
A Boutique located just off of Sugar and Spice. And Everything Nice sells many things including lingerie and very french things. Glitter bath bombs, sparkling things and all the unicorn paraphernalia ever.
  • Owner; Lorelei LaRoux.
  • Sales Associate (0/2); Open.
  • Ashcroft Finances.
    A small financial institution run by the Ashcroft Twins. Some people may think them too young to run such a lucrative business, but their skill and ability are shown through their returns.
  • COO; Apollo Ashcroft.
  • COO; Artemis Ashcroft.
  • Belladonna.
    Belladonna is a high-end BDSM club and lounge located in Pasco. It features a full-service bar, nightly performances on a main stage, comfortable seating for masters and their slaves who just want to drink and talk or watch or engage in public acts, and private rooms in any number of themes for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere. Sessions are available with experienced players of any stripe. There are also classes on a wide variety of aspects of BDSM, from knot tying to masochism to aftercare to consent, and introductory sessions with the dom or switch of your choice to get those new to the scene started, and rooms available for rent for community events. Though Belladonna was originally formed to cater to a vampire clientele, anyone is welcome. Killing or permanently maiming a human is off-limits, as are fights between supernaturals. Those who break the rules get to 'enjoy' Dalila's personal displeasure.
  • Owner (dom); Dalila Quindos y Quiroga.
  • Bartenders; Devros Trotter McBane.
  • Instructors; Open.
  • Doms; Victoria Ainsley, Ianthe Iverson.
  • Switches; Open.
  • Subs; Open.
  • Books and Baubles.
    A very small bookstore located in Kennewick. Run by Briar Thorne, Books and Baubles has an assortment of books as well as a selection of trinkets and small potions.
  • Owner; Briar Thorne.
  • Clerk(1/2); Kaywinn Banks.
  • Book Nook.
    A small bookstore square in the middle of Pasco. Good for the newest releases or limited editions plus a lot of antique books.
  • Owner; Octavius Whittaker.
  • Clerk(1/2); Callum O'Doherty
  • Brrr! Ice Cream
    A small coldstone ice cream parlor. Ice cream, shakes, sundaes and a small, colourful shop with plenty of room for sitting. It makes for a cute date!
  • Owner: Citrine Fairbanks.
  • Employee:(1/3); Xandra Steele.
  • Cauldron Cafe.
    Located in Richland, Cauldron Cafe is supposedly a hotspot for fae, this coffee shop tends to attract those interested in seeing supernaturals instead of actual supernaturals.
  • Owners; Dio Otero and Mortekai Quinonez.
  • Manager; Open.
  • Barista; (3/3); Sawyer Matthews, Morgan Kingsley, Shiloh Hitchcock.
  • Waiter/Waitress; Open.
  • Cashier; available.
  • Crazy Moose Casino.
    One of three casinos in the Tri-cities, the Crazy Moose is located in Pasco. It is one of the nicer of the three with vegas style slots and card tables.
  • Owner; Jean Baptiste d'Entremont
  • Casino Manger; Open
  • Bar Tender(0/2);
  • Card Dealer; Itsuka Hoshino.
  • Chef; Samayl Wintergold.
  • Diamond Security.
    The second office of a rather successful security company, based out of New York and housed in Kennewick’s Downtown District. The company started out as a military contract but as fae and werewolves came out to the public it has shifted gears towards the more supernatural. Are you a human needing to protect yourself from things that go bump in the night? Or a fae or werewolf being targeted by hate groups? Diamond Security is the place for you.
  • CEO/Owner; Brian McQuaid.
  • Receptionist(1/1); Mirem De Luca.
  • Personal Body Guards(1/3); Elden Summers.
  • Event Security Guards (1/3); Roland Strong.
  • Retrieval Experts (1/3); Declan Hayes.
  • End of an Empire
    A hard rock/metal band originally hailing from Seattle, End of an Empire is a band full of life on stage and known or their rowdy antics off stage. The five piece ensemble has been together and carving their way through the music scene for the last four years and intend to keep on trucking their way through. With one major tour already under their belts and their eye on the prize for their second full length album which is currently in the works, the band has a lot to look forward to and a lot to achieve.
  • Vocalist/guitarist; English Lane.
  • Drummer; Nathaniel Cooper
  • Guitarist; Lucca Maestri.
  • Guitarist; Justice Skye.
  • Bassist; Celeste Carpenter.
  • Keyboardist; Bailey Quinn
  • Finch Mortuary.
    A peaceful, well-manicured building in Kennewick, Finch Mortuary offers nearly any service that one may wish for their recently-deceased loved one. They have viewing rooms, or will coordinate with one's church, and go the extra mile for those grieving during this difficult time.
  • Owner/Funeral director; Prudence Finch.
  • Mortician(0/2); Open.
  • Receptionist; Open.
  • Undertaker(0/2); Open.
  • Grand Opera House of Richland.
    Established back in 1902, the Grand Opera House of Richland has seen its glory, its fall, and its return to glory once again. It houses one large stage, centered among the almost 200 seats. VIP areas are in the balcony, as is usual for such theaters. A local troop put on regular plays, rotating a new show every other month.
  • Owner; Francis Kessler.
  • Stage Manager; Open
  • Costumes (1/3); Scarlett Cohen.
  • Set Designer (0/3); Open.
  • Actors; Shiloh Hitchcock (part-time), Etienne Delacroix (tenor).
  • Grassroot Cafe & Brewery
    Located in what's known as downtown Pasco, this little cafe and coffee shop is best known as being eclectic. It's got a relaxed hippie vibe, with large couches along the sides, and a small upstairs for a more private feel. There are numerous books tucked into small shelves, with a "take one leave one" policy, so you wind up getting some odd stuff in. A long bar runs along the back and right wall, where you can order both mixed coffee drinks from the front, and then beer from only the best local breweries, in the back after three. If you don't like sitting at the bar, there are tables scattered through out for two to eight people.
  • General Manager; Wolfgang Sørensen.
  • Waitress(0/3);
  • Kitchen Staff (0/2): Open
  • Bartender: open
  • Barista: Terra Saxon
  • Hair Cuts and Pixie Dust.
    A high end salon located in Kennewick and owned and operated by a fae and staffed exclusively by public fae and werewolves. It's not cheap, but if you can afford it, their standing promise is that you leave feeling like magic.
  • Owner; Rosalia Parisi.
  • Hairdressers(0/4); Open.
  • Nail technicians(0/3); Open.
  • Cashier(0/2); Open.
  • Happy Paws Animal Clinic
    A small veterinary clinic located in Kennewick and owned and operated by a public fae, they handle both small animals and livestock. They also take emergency calls. Healthy paws are happy paws!
  • Owner and veterinarian; Zelda Sutherland.
  • Veterinarian(s); Tobias Seaworth, open.
  • Vet Tech(s); Keira Hatathli, open.
  • Receptionist (1/2); Catriona Sutherland.
  • Hardwood
    Small Custom made wood and metal furniture. Ran out of a refurbished garage, Hardwood is known, primarily, for their customized sex furniture but it's the far more mundane furniture needs that tend to show up in person.
  • Owner; Quinn Stone.
  • Secretary(0/1); Open.

  • Healing Waters Ranch.
    A ranch run by the Barton family, it acts as a rescue and rehabilitation center for neglected and abused animals, as well as an escape and therapy center for wounded military. The compound has the large ranch home for the Bartons, as well as ten smaller cabins scattered around the property for the visiting military. The wounded military have both traditional physical therapy as well as sessions to deal with PTSD, and are assigned an animal for the duration of their visit to help them both heal from their ordeals.
  • Therapists (2/6); Zoe Barton (head of therapy), Jude Dairine (part-time volunteer).
  • Animal Trainers/handlers(0/4); Open.
  • Doctor (0/1); Open.
  • Nurse (1/2); Alicia Dunham.
  • Ivanov's.
    A beat up old garage that specializes in repair, restoration and detailing of the classic American muscle car. Ivanov's caters to those with an addiction for power and the occasional import.
  • Owner; Konstantin Ivanov.
  • Office Girl(1/1); Isis Mercier.
  • Mechanic (2/3; Dominik Cazdobal, Julio Hernandez, Marilyn Blackwell.
  • Shop Boy(0/1); Open.
  • Jacked Up.
    A small garage located in Downtown Pasco, Jacked up is known for their good prices and quality work on any vehicles brought in. They mostly specialize in cars, but the owner will look at anything sky worthy as well.
  • Owner / Head Mechaic; Haden Luthor.
  • Mechanic(3/3); Logan Creed, Desiree Uris, Brant Belrose.
  • Sales Associate; Open.
  • Jakkob's Ladder.
    A huge conglomerate owned by the secret CEO Jakkob Valk. They own everything from grocery stores and pet stores to medical technology and blood banks. It is world renowned with several chains throughout the world. There are a lot of smaller companies connected to Jakkob's Ladder, some you might even recognize as it is a silent partner.
  • CEO; Jakkob Valk

    ~Stores in Tri-cities~

  • Perfect Pets; Manager; Grayson Walker.
  • Animal Specialist(0/2); Open.
  • Sales Associate (0/2); Open.
  • Kennewick Hospital.
    Sick folks need doctors! And nurses, and everything else, too!
  • Attending; Murdock Marlowe
  • Billing and Records; Nakoma DiCabanesio.
  • Cardiopulmonary Physician/Acupuncturist; Tatsunari Shintaro.
  • Doctor: Olivia Richards.
  • Doctor; Samuel Tucker.
  • ER Doctor; Melanie Langdon
  • ER Nurse; Shannon O'Connor.
  • ER Surgeon; Kathleen Coleman.
  • Head Morgue Technician; Caspian Grey.
  • Hospice Nurse; Sarah Preston
  • Laboratory Technician; Marco Westburg.
  • Medical Imaging; Rohan Matthews.
  • Neurologist; Mei Liu.
  • Nurse; Leopold Trask.
  • Nurse; Daemon Burke.
  • Nurse; Zacarias Castillo.
  • Pediatric Doctor; Soren Hughes.
  • Phyiscal Therapist; Jude Dairine.
  • Phlebotomist; Lindsey Campbell.
  • Resident Nurse; Maiara Sutton.
  • Surgeon/Doctor; Damian Masters.
  • Surgeon/Doctor; Omen Keterotov.
  • VP of Operations; Ryuu Yasuhira.
  • Locke and Key Securities.
    A local security office that is known for hiring primarily the supernatural. Recently they've begun branching out across the state and offering more specific services. Known for their covering of the city buildings, they manage everything from buildigns to private events and anything in between with no hesitation and no shying away from strange orders.
  • Owner; Locke Sinclair.
  • Personal Assistant - Locke Sinclair; Kai Polk.
  • Record Keeper; Kitonwy Morgan.
  • Dispensary Security, through L & K Subsidiary, Mick Gavin.
  • Security Guard, through L&K: Dmitri Frost.
  • Security Guard, through L&K: Elsa Hyatt.
  • Security Guard, through L&K; Liam Westbrook
  • Security Guard, through L&K; Flint Steele
  • Security Guard, through L&K: Eira Applegate
  • Security Guard, through L&K: Isolde Sutherland
  • Security Guard/Retrieval; Corey Mann
  • Bouncer, through L&K: Dominik Cazdobal
  • Payroll; Áine O'Sullivan
  • Website Maintenance; Rathbone Redford
  • Accountant; Enoch Silk
  • Locks and Lace
    A "Lady's" club just outside Kennewick, L&L is an upscale, modern club featuring a wide variety of themed nights. From burlesque to drag to lady's nights, the club is predominately men dancing but does have sections of the club and nights that are only women dancing.. Far classier than one would expect, considering the establishment.
  • Owner: Locke Sinclair.
  • Manager/dancer; Felicity Valmont.
  • Record Keeper; Available
  • Bartender (3/5): Fiona Campbell, Gunnar Erikson, Jayventar Sobek
  • Male Dancers (6/10): Fynnegan Moore (drag).Lucas Sommerset (Aerialist). Nicodemus Delgado (stripper). Tomas Delgado (stripper). Tag Toller (fire and swords/stripping), Daemon Burke (stripper).

  • Female Dancers: (5/10) Felicity Valmont, Avrilyn Archer, Nadi Maraj, Colleen Flanagan, Phaedra Drakos.
  • Bouncer (5/6): Mick Gavin, Dmitri Frost, Flint Steele, Killian O'Rinn, Tiberius Hendry.
  • Magnolia Designs
    A new architecture firm based in Kennewick. The major focus of this firm is Antebellum style architecture, though they can handle any design needs the customer has. Raymond Stanley, the lead architect and owner, is well-versed in all areas of designing buildings and other structures.
  • Owner/Lead Architect; Raymond Stanley.
  • Architect(0/1); Open.
  • Junior Architect(1/1); Althea Shaffer.
  • Secretary(0/1); Open.
  • Marilyn’s Marvels.
    Marilyn’s Marvels is a tiny shop in downtown Pasco that specializes in welding custom fabrication, unique metal arts, from magnets to fire pits, and much more. It’s a hobby and a such his hours very and there are no employees beyond himself.
  • Owner; Neil Blackwell.
  • New Beginnings
    A small office rented in downtown Richland offering up the "holistic" skills of Gabriel Durante. It is advertised as an establishment that assists with supernatural pregnancies, both dealing with conception and delivery. The space is small, but has a cozy feel to it, and other than the doctors contracted to assist with IV should it be needed, there is only one other employee, Gabriel's assistant/receptionist.
  • Owner and Operator; Gabriel Durante.
  • Receptionist/Assistant; Open.
  • Nightsky Glassworks.
    Located in Kennewick, Nightsky is owned and supplied by Orion Savalas. It specializes in custom stained glass inserts for doors and windows - no size too big or small. Orion also makes small glass trinkets in any and all colors and shapes, including specialty ice-drop ornaments for Christmas decorations. The shop is open for business mainly during the day, but also for a few hours at night so Orion can restock. **Please note that any hired help must be Fae, Werewolf, or otherwise know and understand that the owner is a Vampire, and be available to work during the day. Daytime Manager is responsible for getting measurements for any orders, and assisting in running the place for anything Orion needs done during the hours he can't be outside.
  • Owner/ Craftsmen; Orion Savalas.
  • Daytime Manager (1/1); Taylor Gallagher.
  • Salesclerk (0/2); Open.
  • Outlaw Music.
    One of the hottest new music companies in the Tri-Cities that primarily hires those in the supernatural community, Outlaw broadcasts three radio stations and offers a state of the art recording studio for local artists, with in house musicians, and a marketing department to help with CD, poster, and fan merchandise design, as well as any promotional photography that the musicians that record here might need.
  • Owner/DJ; Dani Adair.
  • DJ/Radio Personality; Lilianai Araya.
  • DJ/Morning talk show host; Lucinda Swann.
  • House Musician (Violinist, pianist, vocals); Selene Grey.
  • Play Thyme
    An adult "novelties" store that doubles as a bookstore, boutique and 'Sex Positive Establishment.' Known for their sense of humor and their educational sessions, Play Thyme's unusual name hasn't stopped them from growing.
  • Owner; Saffron Gavin
  • Clerk (3/3); Michelle Gavin, Yvette Steiner, Pierre Bouchard.
  • Red Sea Tea House.
    Located in Kennewick. Cafe-style tea house, specializing strictly in tea (no coffee). Walls are lined with various bags of tea from all across the world (in a myriad of sizes), including Indian and Chinese teas, as well as specialty blends using chocolate, spices, and other more unique flavors. Tea can also be purchased from the cafe-style counter, and enjoyed at a handful of small, quiet tables closer to the front window, as well as outside when the weather is nicer. Both iced and hot teas are available, as well as boba teas.
  • Samir Nazari; Owner.
  • Front Counter Sales Clerk(1/1); Brandon Kirkland (NPC).
  • Barista (1/1); Natsuko Kimura.
  • Rust and Dust Antiques.
    From vintage to new but looks old, this antique store located in Richland is unique in that it's stock is brought in by people that 'rent' spaces. This means a rotating stock, with a little something for everyone. There is a small coffee stand in the store, as Washington has a coffee fetish.
  • Owner; Francis Kessler.
  • Manager; Cayenne Sylvain.
  • Store Clerk: Open.
  • Barista; Open.
  • Rusty Puppy Brewing Company
    A small craft brewery that utilizes centuries old brewing techniques, each batch and type watched over by the owner. Servicing any bar/pub/club in the Tri-Cities that will buy. Possible future expansion to a brewpub
  • Master Brewer/Owner; Cole Greenway.
  • Secretary; Open.
  • Apprentice; Finnigan Doherty.
  • Shaorail Inc.
    Small horse breeding and showing facility owned by Lachlan Taggerty. Specializing in athletic and intelligent animals for both show and pleasure
  • Owner Operator; Lachlan Taggerty.
  • Stable Manager(0/1); Open.
  • Trainers(1/2); Roman Clearwater.
  • Grooms(0/3); Open.
  • Soulmate INC
    The Tri-cities host a branch of the world's largest dating site's offices.
  • CEO: Reuben L'Amour.
  • Tech Support(0/2); Open.
  • Billing (0/2); Open.
  • Public Relations; Open.
  • Soul-Thief Photography.
    A small photography studio that funds itself primarily through the owner's personal projects with the occasional portrait shoot on the side. In downtown Kennewick, tucked away and occasionally hard to find.
  • Photographer; June Hoshino.
  • Assistant(0/1); Open.
  • Sugar and Spice Cafe.
    A state-wide bikini cafe, the central store is located in Downtown Kennwick. Uniforms consist of lingerie or bikinis. Despite the beautiful women, and occasional man being clad scantily, the cafe is high class. Black and white marble floors and counters, and a motif that is reminiscent of an upscale French cafe, make for a wonderful experience.
  • Owner/Manager; Lorelei LaRoux.
  • Waitress(0/2);Open
  • Barista(1/2); Rinnisey Greenleaf.
  • Barista/Waiter; Lysander LaRoux
  • Sweet Dreams B&B.
    Located in Kennewick, this seven-room bed and breakfast is operated by a public fae and emphasizes old-fashioned warm welcomes, comfortable amenities, and pleasant nights of sleep. Although the furniture has a colonial flavor, the amenities are completely up to date. The den and its fireplace are the site of many cozy evenings of storytelling hosted by the owner.
  • Owner; Kaisa Thygesen.
  • General Assistant (0/2); Open.
  • Thacker Ranch.
    Moderately sized ranch that raises cattle. The cattle is raised for it's meat and hides though horns are sold on request and hooves are cleaned and sold as dog treats. There is a barn and butcher on property, everything is sold directly from the property including the hides which are cured in the barn.
  • Owner; Ezra Thacker.
  • Ranch Manager; Travis Zimmerman
  • Ranch hands (0/5); Open.
  • Butcher (0/1); Open.
  • Tanner (0/1); Open.
  • The Barren North (TBN).
    A local rock band of growing popularity.
  • Lead Singer; Taima Taylor.
  • Drummer; Alistair Lockhart.
  • Guitarist; open.
  • Bassist; Valentine Harper.
  • The Brown Wolf Tavern
    A rustic, local bar that caters to the supernatural. Known for serving their beer room temperature and their roast beef sandwiches.
  • Bartender(3/3); Tobias Hudson, Deirdre Beckitt, Wolfgang Sørensen.
  • Head Chef; Available.
  • The Céilí Tavern
    The Céilí is an Irish bred pub style bar in the heart of downtown Pasco. Owned and operated by Alastar Mac Maghnuis, everyone's favorite grumpy Leprechaun, the bar is an old school gem in this modern setting. Typical Irish pub food is served until 9 pm but the watering hole itself doesn't close its doors til the wee hours of the morning.

    Working for Alastar isn't always easy. He's rough, he's crass, and most people think that he hates him but that usually isn't the case. He likes hard workers, honest types, and people with brain between their ears. You fit those criteria and Alastar is liable to like you just fine.

  • ; Employee.
  • Owner; Alastar Mac Maghnuis
  • Bartender (0/4); Open .
  • Server (1/3); Rebecca Knox.
  • The Crow's Nest
    The Crow's Nest is a swanky restaurant that caters to the more 5 star inclined patrons. If you're looking for a beautiful celebration or perhaps a valentine's date, The Crow's Nest is where it's at. That's not to say that it doesn't have a different element. Located upstairs is a upbeat and fun bar that serves some greasy food and an extensive assortment of drinks and beer, including Washington brewed and imported draft.
  • Owner; Dorian Blackmoore.
  • Waitress(0/5); Open.
  • Cook(0/5) Open.
  • Bartender(1/4); Maggie Whitmore.
  • The Fat Faerie Bakery & Confections
    Located in Richland, this new and upcoming bakery and confections shop is promisingly eclectic. Decorated in a whimsical fashion reminiscent of Disney's take on Alice in Wonderland, it specializes in unique cupcake and baked good designs -- and the cake decoration is out of this world. Just don't ask about the name!
  • Owner: Coriander Faire.
  • Co-Owner/Baker: Abel Bishop.
  • Baker (0/2): Open.
  • Apprentice: Orion Faire.
  • Cashier: Simon Clarke.
  • The Glitter Gulch
    Located in the worst part of Pasco and formerly known as the trashiest strip joint in the Tri-City area, if not Washington as a whole, the Gulch has recently been bought out and is now under new ownership and management. Closed for two weeks and renovated, the standards have been raised, and it's a much nicer place than it used to be. More strippers have been hired, there's a brand-new VIP "Red Room" section on the balcony with 3 private rooms and a full bar, with a view down to the stage. Touching the girls is forbidden, and security has been instructed to remove you if you don't respect that law.
  • Owner; Kingston Wycombe.
  • Bouncers(1/4); Ruby Ortega.
  • Bartenders(0/3); Open.
  • Waitstaff(0/4); Open.
  • Stripper(3/8); Charity Ward, Emilie Mcgregor, Charlie Rutherford, Elodie Gauthier.
  • The Ram.
    A riverfront bar that just so happens to have a restaurant. Known for their unique collection of locally brewed beers on tap and their turkey sandwiches. They feature a large deck to sit over the river.
  • Owner; Elric Havers.
  • General Manager; Open.
  • Bartender (0/3); Open
  • Kitchen Staff (0/3); Open.
  • Wait Staff (0/5);
  • The Storehouse.
    A speakeasy style bar in Kennewick that appears like a storage facility from the outside. Inside is 1920s decor and a secret. A revolving door of passwords offers up a secondary bar inside the first solely for nonhuman patrons... Provided they know the password, of course.
  • Owner: Rhys Valiant
  • Bartender(1/4); Amalia Tedesco.
  • Security (0/2); Open.
  • Waiter (0/3); Open.
  • The Wreck Room.
    A night club! Known for it's catering towards the eccentric, theme nights are terribly common. Underground hides a secret fighting ring that's strictly hush hush and ran solely by Taryn Kearney herself.
  • Owner; Taryn Kearney.
  • Bartender; Lorcan Shannon.
  • Bouncer; Xavier Seaworth.
  • Security; Open
  • MMA Trainer; Jakob Blackburn.
  • Three Rivers Ranch.
    A cattle ranch and farm. Raising beef and growing, mostly, hops.
  • Owner; Cain Boone.
  • Rancher(0/4); Open.
  • Farmhand (0/3); Open.
  • Thyme for a Tune Up.
    Small but efficient specialized motorcycle repair shop. Thyme only works with British touring bikes and a handful of other imports. They don't want your Harley, your crotch rocket, or god forbid, a Honda anything. They're picky but exceptionally skilled, and they guarantee all their work. Been serving the Tri-Cities since 2000.
  • Owner, Lead Mechanic; Mick Gavin.
  • Bookkeeper; Open.
  • Mechanic (0/3): Open.
  • Trees and Thank Yew.
    A nursery located in Richland, they have a massive variety of tree and plant-life to choose from. If they don't have it then it can be shipped, their policy is to change the world through plants. They not only sell trees, but items for ponds, including koi fish. They teach the art of Bonsai classes and sell a variety of them as well.
  • Owner; Ziva Hendrix.
  • Sales Associates (1/2); Darren Rey.
  • Landscaping expert; James Carter.
  • Intern; Eryn Lindsey.
  • Twisted.
    A medium sized chic/punk art studio located in Kennewick. Basically a place with an edge that rich people like to go to. While it mainly focuses on metal sculpture, there is room for different types of art to be on display. There is also an upscale tattoo parlor off to the side. Twisted can support two tattoo artists, three sales persons and a manager. The best way to get your art in the door and onto the circuit is to work in sales.
  • Owner/Sculptor; Vincent Fox.
  • Shop Manager/Tattoo artist; Theo Calhoun-Fox.
  • Tattoo Artist; Sierra Shaw.
  • Tattoo artist/freelance artist - Guinevere Hase.
  • Receptionist; Open.
  • Salesperson/Artist - Inali Blackstone.
  • Uncle Mike's.
    A local bar that caters to the supernatural.
  • Bartender; Torvald Nyström.
  • Bartender; Rileigh Guthrie.
  • Under The Dust.
    A small newly established antique store in downtown Kennewick. Full of exceptional pieces to cater to the tourists and more well to of the Tri-Cities area, Under the Dust also has a small collection of more escentric pieces
  • Owner; Markus Campbell.
  • Clerk(1/2); Amanda Breedlove.
  • Veranda Engineering and Architecture.
    Engineering and Architecture group originally based in Venezuela, now located in Pasco. Specializes in small-scale commercial buildings, all the way up to skyscrapers. Very small consultation group, tends to contract out the work to commercial construction companies in the area to keep things local economy-wise. Does a lot of work for the Tri-city area.
  • Vicente Garza; Owner/CEO.
  • Engineer/Architect (please specify)(2/3); Drake Riley (architect), Maksim Volkov (architect).
  • Secretary/Receptionist; Valerie Stevens.
  • WarBirds
    This old hangar has been around for some time, but only recently has it started advertising. They are a full service hangar for propeller driven aircraft, from antiques to the newest Cessna; you won’t find any jet mechanics here. On top of servicing aircraft, they offer sight-seeing flights, as well as simulated dogfights, all reasonably priced.

    Inside, you’d find the walls covered with vintage tin signs, unrestored and sporting their rust spots like badges of honor. Pictures from World War II line the walls, as well as patches from various squadrons, both from times past and today. Music from the ‘40s filters through both the work area and the lounge. If it weren’t for the odd jet passing by the front of the hangar, you’d almost think you’d stepped back in time.

  • Owner/Mechanic/Lead Pilot; Russell Aldridge
  • Pilot (0/1); Open.
  • Mechanic (0/1), Open
  • Sheet Metal Fabricator (0/1) Open
  • Warrick's Woodworking.
    Located in downtown Kennewick, Warrick's Woodworking is a small privately owned and operated woodworking shop. Specializing in one of a kind wooden furniture, each piece is a custom made work of art.
  • Owner; Warrick Michaels.
  • Washington State University.
    The local branch of the university.
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences Director; Gerhardt Lietner
  • Professor of Anthropology; Mortimer Brodie.
  • Professor of Theatre; Aramis Inglewood.
  • Professor of Fae Studies; Sascha Hase.
  • Professor of American History; Simone Laurent.
  • Professor of American History; Evander Beck.
  • Professor of Biology; Maddox Flowers
  • Professor of Language; Rosemary Zhou.
  • Professor of History; Safiya Karim
  • Economics Professor; Ashley Hammond.
  • Professor of Botany; Beatrix Nightingale.
  • Librarian; Jefferson Casey.
  • Student Teacher; Nikolai Collier.
  • Student (Culinary Arts); Lawrence Voss.
  • Student (Culinary Arts); Ryan Belrose
  • Student (Dance); Hazel Vasile.
  • Student (Fashion Design); Autumn Warren.
  • Student; Citlali Kearney.
  • Student; Juniper Fairchild
  • Student (Lit.); Reagan Parker-Cassano.
  • Student (Nursing); Sareina Noel.
  • Student (Psychology); Amara Seaworth.
  • Student (general studies); Persephone Valesti.
  • Graduate Student (Math); Joy Christmas.
  • Medical Research; Terese Brown.
  • State/City/Government Employees.
    Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Hur hur hur. You know how state employees are, right?
  • City of Kennewick Firefighter/Paramedic Lt.; Alan Graves
  • CNTRP Agent; Adam Smith.
  • CNTRP Agent: Winter Payne.
  • Construction Worker; Hunter Mercer.
  • Corrections Officer; Altair Kashgari.
  • CSI of Kennewick; Raegan Clearwater
  • Defense Attorney; Open
  • Deputy Sheriff; Madison Seaworth.
  • Detective of Richland PD; Andrew Levi.
  • Drug Enforcement Offices, Mackenzie Anderson.
  • Elementary School Principle; Eoin Kensington.
  • Environmental Specialist/Animal Activist; Harlow Halifax.
  • Federal Agent at Kennewick PD; Elisa Moonstar.
  • Firefighter; Glenn Frihert
  • High School Art Teacher; Emmet Gallagher.
  • High School Art Teacher; Isla Cochran.
  • High School Drama Teacher; Kimble Stewart.
  • High School English Teacher; Brenna Corvi.
  • High School English Teacher; Saowyn Hartley.
  • High School History teacher, Vernon Harper.
  • High School History Teacher; Xalvador Vega.
  • High Voltage Powerline Technician; Lacy Collins.
  • History Teacher; Xalvador Vega.
  • Judge; Fletcher Keating.
  • Kindergarten Teacher; Elise Laurent.
  • Kindergarten Teacher; Lilith Beckett.
  • Medical Director; Melanie Langdon,br.
  • Meterologist: Tri-city News; Maverick Lauden.
  • Middle School Phys Ed. teacher; Clayton Seaworth
  • Navy Pilot; Isaac Reed.
  • Officer of Kennewick PD; Daniel Murdock
  • Park Ranger; Nicholas Seaworth
  • Postman; Ryouma Hyashi.
  • SWAT Medic/Instructor; David Levine.
  • Tri-City Fire District Firefighter; Grigory Chaykovksy.
  • Tri-City Fire District Firefighter/Paramedic; Pytor Petrov.
  • Washington State Highway Patrol Officer / Lawyer; Tiodoro Blomkvist.

    Self Employed.
    No better boss than yourself, right?
  • Artist; Augustine Dairine.
  • Artist (Freelance); Mortekai Quinonez.
  • Artist/Linguist/Interpreter; Eirikur Cederstrom.
  • Artist / Student; Savannah Keller.
  • Author/Bodyguard; Lysander LaRoux.
  • Blacksmith/Ferrier; Nazarius Giovanneli
  • Blacksmith: Wyatt Wesson.
  • Blogger/Food Critic: Sebastian Benoit.
  • Bodyguard; Aiden Kane.
  • Body Guard; Darius Vitalis.
  • Caterer; Presley Sommerset.
  • CEO of O'Leary Investments: Vance O'Leary.
  • Chandler/Occult Specialist; Kjetil Steinbeck.
  • Chief Financial Officer - d'Entremont Holdings, Jean-Baptiste d'Entremont.
  • Contractor; Micah Alexander.
  • Entrepreneur; Edmund Sorrel.
  • Farmer/beekeeper/candlemaker; Beatrix Nightingale
  • Fashion Designer; Michelle Gavin.
  • Fashion Designer [Couture]/Professional Kickboxer; Cedric Botolvur.
  • Fashion Photographer; Kelysia Evers.
  • Ferrier; Jaimie Forester.
  • Graphic Arts ; Alexis Barnes
  • Gynecologist: Salazar McLaughlin
  • Housekeeper / Babysitter; Trinity Grant.
  • Killer for Hire, Kinda; Griffin St. Claire
  • Mathematical Engineer; Jareth Perrot.
  • Metalworker/Artist; Kiernan McLeod.
  • Owner and Computer Programmer; Byte Me Inc. Kilune Knight.
  • Owner and Editor in Chief for Beckitt Publishing; Schmendrick Beckitt.
  • Owner of Hallelujah Ranch: Ezekiel Tannen.
  • Owner of Miss Fortune's; Sage Fisher.
  • Petsitter; Citlali Kearney.
  • Photographer; Estaban Argryis.
  • Private Antiquities Dealer; Ysabel Vidal.
  • Seamstress; True Dairine.
  • Singing Coach; Quade Lawson.
  • Snake Charmer/Ethnic Dancer; Nadi Maraj.
  • Stay-at-home Mom; Blair Sutherland.
  • Stone Sculptor; Abigail Brennan.
  • Vlogger; Lucinda Swann.
  • Web Developer/White Hat; Ciprian Cazdobal.
  • Woodcarver/Cartographer; Darach Seaworth.
  • Other.
    The things that don't fit the above categories.
  • Accessory Designer for Whitney Parker; Cosette Cambry.
  • Accountant/Financial Advisor; Cadwallen DeMontenegro.
  • Aquatic Vetrinarian; Constance Westbrook.
  • Art Dealer; Eva Monteaux.
  • Art Appraiser: Hallie Cassidy.
  • Author/high school English teacher: Thomas Seaworth.
  • Author: Oliver Norwood.
  • Author: Keegan Delaney.
  • Auto Mechanic; Brant Belrose.
  • Automotive Bodywork/Painter; Ignacio Carrasco.
  • Bank Teller; Ethan Chevon
  • Bodyguard; Remington Dairine.
  • Bodyguard/Babysitter; Thatcher Irving.
  • Business Firm Group Leader;Takasha Novak.
  • Busker; Dante Vasquez.
  • CEO/Owner of Breckenridge Brewery and Distillery Co..; Murphy Breckenridge.
  • Choreographer; Jaxin Nielsen.
  • Con Artist; Piper Carson.
  • Concert Cellist; Aylan Durante.
  • Concert Pianist; Idris Driscoll.
  • Concert violinist; Tristan Riley.
  • Conservator; Godwin Valentine.
  • Construction Foreman; Joseph Anker.
  • Construction Worker; Markeus Hyatt.
  • Construction Worker; Zinoviy Rosenthal.
  • COO of Fortis Ships; Bronwyn St. James.
  • Criminal Defense Attorney; Carlisle Preston.
  • Defense Attorney; Felix James.
  • Dentist/Orthodontist; Sevket Petrosian.
  • Dog Breeder; Kiyoshi Hatsu.
  • Driver; Ubysh Mikhailovich.
  • Electrical Engineer; Demian LaGrande.
  • Escort; Calliope Finch.
  • Estate Lawyer (wills and such); Nathaniel Boer
  • Eve Genetics: Head of Genetic Research; Luka Knight.
  • Falconer; Devon Morrissey.
  • Film Director; Ephraim Tenenbaum.
  • Florist; Angeline Dupont.
  • Gambler; Allisande O'Malley.
  • Grocery Store Employee ; Bowen Vitalis.
  • Helicopter Pilot; Natalya Frost.
  • Home Health Aide; Willow Sylva.
  • Hotel Night Manager; Danica LeBeau.
  • Investment Banker; Dionisio De Santi.
  • IT Specialist- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Benjamin Hunt.
  • Jeweler/Public Relations Representative; Pocano De Saint-Pierre.
  • Lawyer; Rhett Shield.
  • Leathersmith; Jyderin De Mosse.
  • Logging Foreman - Weyerhaeuser; Asher Evans
  • Manicurist; Connor Seaworth.
  • Master Tailor; Reid Darden
  • Military Contractor; Luke Christiansen.
  • MMA Fighter; Temperance Wallace.
  • Motorcycle Mechanic/Archaeologist-Treasure Hunter; Kingston Wycombe.
  • Night Gas Station Clerk; Rane Shannon.
  • Personal Assistant; Morrigan Beckett.
  • Pin-up Model; Rhiannon Monroe.
  • Porn Star/Adult Entertainer; Amalthea Haggarty.
  • Potter; Yukio Moore.
  • PR Consultant; Alice Caroll.
  • Psychiatrist; Jens Gammel.
  • Rancher; Uriah Durham.
  • Real Estate Agent; Finley Patel.
  • Real Estate Attorney; Andre Volkov.
  • Reserves; Kylee Kearney.
  • Self defense instructor; Ambrose Matthews.
  • Shipwright; Omeri Stanton.
  • Shopper/plus size model; Josephine Grimm.
  • Stunt Man; Cassius Damarion.
  • Sword smith; Theron Ingram.
  • Tracker/Gunsmith; Paul McCoy.
  • Translator/Potter; Kasi Soravati.
  • Underground fighter; Arthur Croft.
  • Voice Actor; Balthazar McLaughlin.
  • Wetwork Specialist; Hamish Sutherland.
  • Whitewater Columbia River Guide; Arik Zale.
  • Unemployed.
    Maybe they just haven't found the right one...
  • Alex Förstner.
  • Anderson Craft.
  • Ayerius Pierce.
  • Beauregard St. James.
  • Bozidar Cazdobal.
  • Ekaterina Sokolova.
  • Elysion Knight.
  • Emerson Jackson.
  • Isobelle Leblanc.
  • Jack Soedottier.
  • Jasmine Nakahara.
  • Kogyr Wintergold.
  • Sorcha Cavanaugh.
  • Zander Burke.

  • how to claim.
    Code brackets save lives.

    Adding an Establishment
    <p><div class="jobtitle"> Establishment Name. </div> Small Description of Establishment, try to keep to one paragraph or two at most <blockquote><li> Job Title; Employee.<br> <li> Job Title(0/0); Open.<br> <li> Job Title; Open.<br> <li>Job Title; Open.<br> </blockquote>

    Adding to Existing Establishment
    <li> Job Title; Character Name.<br>

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