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9.17 Information for the Post Push and Chaos posted!

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 Posted: Sep 29 2014, 06:54 PM
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Do you wanna build a subforum? (I'm not sorry!)

You, yes YOU! can have your own subforum! Kinda. Do you notice threads taking place at the same location? Does your character own an establishment that other people frequent? Let us know! You may not request character's houses at this time There are simply too many characters! We'd run out of room!

You must have 3+ threads taking place there. The more the better.
Each thread must be at least 1 page long. (Again, the more the better) This means 15+ posts.
Each thread must take place at the location you will be requesting.

How do you get a subforum? Easy!

Copy the links from the threads! (Bonus: You don't have to actively be in them! Scheme with other people!)
Paste them here!
Let us know what primary forum it would be under (Ie: Pasco Residential, not just Pasco.)
Give us the name of the forum!
Give us a relatively short description of the forum! (Under 3 sentences, please!)
Once it is approved you are welcome to make a thread with basic information that you would like stickied.

Keep in mind that the more threads/pages the more likely we are to approve it. You are not guaranteed a forum simply because you apply for one. If it's one that we feel won't get much RP or simply had threads churned out for a chance to snag a forum we will ask for more threads and/or reject the idea.
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 10:58 PM
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I am vengeance. I am the night. I am.. Batman
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— Sparkle Town —

Using the anniversary shop thing for the subforum bypass for:

Downtown Pasco
A beat up old garage that specializes in repair, restoration and detailing of the classic American muscle car. Ivanov's caters to those with an addiction for power and the occasional import.
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