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9.17 Information for the Post Push and Chaos posted!

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 Posted: Aug 28 2014, 01:43 AM
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Witches survive in clans. This is predominately to keep other witches in check, to maintain the power and spells native to each family and individual and to keep an eye on one another. Led by a female Elder, their second in command is an acolyte that is not dependent on gender. Below these two, there are no named ranks.

To be added to the list, simply post your character name, the Clan they belong to and their rank!

Clan Vahvuus (Kennewick)
(Strength in Finnish) Power is strength. Predominately black witches, these sorts aren't exactly evil, but aren't against doing what it takes to get all the power they feel they need. Surprisingly welcoming, they do not close their doors to anyone.
  • N/A, Elder
  • N/A, Acolyte
  • Sorcha Cavanaugh
  • Finley Platel
  • Diederik Acevedo

Clan Sicuro (Pasco)
(Safe in Italian) Everyone needs a safe haven. A home for those witches that need it, Clan Sicuro is old and powerful in their own way, but tend to focus on and encourage avoidance of black magic.
  • N/A, Elder
  • N/A, Acolyte
  • Saffron Gavin
  • Michael Gavin
  • Michelle Gavin
  • Rebecca Knox
  • Henry Doyle
  • Olivia Richards
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