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 Female Wolf Signups, Waiting and Granted Spots
 Posted: May 11 2014, 09:54 AM
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Female wolves are on a 1:2 ratio with male wolves. This is upped from the books to give more people ample opportunity to play them. However, even if there are female wolf spots available, you need to post here so we can keep track of them. This list is updated after every activity check.

As of 6.28.17 we have:

128 Male Wolves

42 Female Wolves
0 Granted Spot(s) for later dates.
21 available

Once you have been granted your female wolf slot you have a limited time to use it. If you are turning a human into a wolf, you are granted some leeway and don't have much of a set time. If you are wanting to create a new character, you have one week to get the application done and approved. This is to keep people from claiming slots and never using them but keeping others from taking them as they are limited.

Female Wolf Spot Granted List:

Waiting List:

If you want to make a female wolf you should post here!
You are welcome to go ahead and get their application written. If there are available female wolves, just post here so we can adjust the numbers. If there are not, you may still get the application going, but it will not be approved for play until the slots are available. That way you can get all your details and we can get any changes out of the way up front if you like. It is however NOT required to have the application in up front!

However! Once you are granted a spot that character *must* exist as a character before a week is out. We recommend getting the application in as soon as possible. If you don't get the character app approved by that deadline, you will lose your place in line and have to ask again- and be on the bottom of the list. This is to keep people from holding spots indefinitely for characters that don't exist. However, if you are turning a human, you have more time to wait. We will simply check back in with you from time to time to make sure it is something you want to do. (This does not apply to rewards.)

If you claim a spot and do not finish the character before the week is out but there are still slots available, you may reclaim it and finish the application. However, if it seems that someone is simply doing this to hold a spot to keep others from getting it, they will be denied the slot.

Please remember, one female wolf per player unless you obtain a reward or buy it from the shop.
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