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 2018 Masquerade, Aug 8 - Sept 8
 Posted: Aug 8 2018, 05:19 PM
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From Medic:


Finally, things had calmed down enough in the Tri-Cities for the Richland vampires to throw their annual Masquerade. Ekaterina Sokolova, the Seethe Mistress, was none too happy about the fact that it was on the very of becoming a semi-annual event. Between the fae, the humans who ran the fighting ring, and most recently the black witches, it seemed everyone was out to keep it from happening. So, in an effort to basically throw the biggest of middle fingers to anyone who might disrupt it this time, she was determined to make it bigger than it ever had been before.

Since it wouldn’t do to have it at the Seethe house itself, Kat called in a favor from one of her Seethe members. Raymond Stanley had not too long before finished construction on an Antebellum style home, complete with gardens and even a fountain or two. Happy to oblige his Mistress (and show off his own capabilities in architecture), the British born vampire readily agreed; as soon as the agreement was made, plans were drawn up to make the night a smashing success.

The Great Room of the home was turned into the main ballroom, offering a fairly large gathering place for the many people who were bound to attend. The interior of the home was filled with rich, earthy tones, complementing the darkly stained authentic hardwood floors. Upon entering the home, guest would be greeted by the grand staircase, with the upper walk graced with two overlooks, accented with delicately carved railing. Indeed, the home gave the Masquerade an atmosphere that harkened back to the days when such galas were the norm.

A large wooden deck was attached to the rear of the home, and the large garden area sat directly off of that. Here would be a second area for dancing and rubbing elbows, as well as an outside bar. String lights ran along a vine covered pergola, giving the area a warm glow.

In addition to all of these public areas, there would certainly be plenty of places for private conversation, should the need or want arise.

Absolutely thrilled with the plan, Kat gave the okay to send out the invitations to any and all supernaturals, with the strict warning that peace was to be observed at all times. While the invitations did not mention reprisal should order not be maintained, one could be sure that it would be handled in a swift and not so gentle manner.

Every year the neat and tidy invites went out, delivered by hand, usually. Every pack, every seethe and every clan received a small bundle of the invites, each sealed with wax and eloquently written. Those not tied to the groups, the wizards, and fae and druids and, perhaps, a stray walker or two, got theirs with no indication as to how they were found or delivered. Humans were allowed, with an escort. And appropriately marked with a small ribbon around their wrist to ward off any bitey vampires.

The stage was set, the non and transhumans invited.

And the night was going to be grand.

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