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 Wade Rathke, Rose | Fae (Cambion) | Sean O'Pry
Wade Rathke
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 10:53 PM
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53 years old
High School Football Coach & History Teacher
I don't need a knight in shining armor. A sweet boy in old blue jeans will do just fine.
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— Pasco Citizen - Cambion —

Wade Dwayne Rathke
Bad mamajama from down in Alabama
Rath, Coach
Monroeville, Alabama
Fae (Cambion)
Sean O'Pry
distinguishing features.
Glamour: Despite his magical conception Wade is the good ol’ American looking country boy. He stands at about 5'9 to 5'10 with naturally dark and wavy brown hair that comes from his father and blue eyes that come from his mother. He has a decent expanse of shoulders, testament to his football playing years and biceps that at his peak of athleticism were fifteen inches thick. He has an intense stare that only draws you to his eyes more and his skin has a bronzed tan look, likely from his time out in the sun and genetics.

He is nearly always clean shaven and his hair done up with enough hair products to make most woman weep. He has a prominent chin and athletic build though it leans towards slimmer than broad. He has an affinity for sweaters, turtlenecks, and anything that covers his impressive set of abs. He wears a size eleven sneaker and ten and half in dress shoe. He is often found in jeans thanks to his profession but does wear a lot of khaki pants. It’s rare to see him in shorts, even in the warmer seasons.

Unglamoured: Without the magic of glamour to hide his imperfections, Wade looks much as he did before. There are two major features that appear once the magic fades. His ears are elongated and pointed, much like an elf though such a thing does not exist. His eyes are the same blue and his hair is just as brown though there is the additional feature of itty bitty brown bat like wings right between his shoulder blades. They aren’t big or strong enough for flight, considering his species is as close to half-fae than fae no matter how much like his mother he is aligned to.

Wade is friendly and open to most anyone he meets. As the type of fae he is, being a wall flower is more preferred but Wade had always been social and liked. He was the average jock through school and college, now he is uplifting to his students and players while having a quietness that falls over him whenever he isn’t on the sidelines of the football field. Football was his first love, but it can’t be his last. Southern hospitality and manners always has him willing to lend a hand to those he knows, but he often keeps away from situations that can leave him vulnerable. He has been broken hearted twice in his life. The first was when he was told he wasn’t good enough to play football for university and the second when he came out to his best friend as gay. He has a good heart and despite his southern roots he wants someone stronger and wiser, he is tired of being the strong one in any relationships he manages to foster – though they’ve always left either for what he is or because something bigger and better has come along. Thankfully he hasn’t fallen head over heels for any of them or he’d likely not be standing here today.
Conceived Oct. 5 1964 and born in July of 1965 to a Water Nymph and a Human father. Wade was born and raised in Monroeville, located in Monroe County, Alabama. The town might sound familiar as it’s known as "The Literary Capital of Alabama." Rumor has it Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," the fictional town of Maycomb is based on Wade’s hometown. Though the town is a tourist trap, the overall population of the town is a maximum of 7,000 people with around 30,000 visitors a year.

His mother had been a tourist, a fan of novelists such as Harper Lee, Truman Capote, Mike Stewart and Cynthia Tucker. All writers that got their starts in the sleepy little town, she’d been wrapped up in the literary magic of the place and before she knew it had fallen into bed with a local farmer. She regretted not paying attention to the cycles of the moon, but his mom had been a younger nymph and she’d not been paying attention. The outcome had of course been his conception and his near expiration as well.

He was and is a cambion, not human but not quite fae. His mother and father thought he was stillborn at birth. Thankfully the nurse that helped deliver him knew differently and kept him from being abandoned. His father hadn’t asked for this, he hadn’t even known he was sleeping with a nymph and his mother was already over her fickle fling in Alabama. They offered up the child to the nurse, an old German female werewolf.

She was familiar with fae and this subspecies in particular. She was able to care for the child without a heartbeat and seemingly lacking breathing. She enrolled him in a special daycare for fae. She kept him hidden within her home or at the local pack house. She was careful to keep him hidden and out of any situations that would draw attention to his quirks. In all she was a better mother than his biological parents ever could be.

After the age of seven she pulled the boy out of fae only environments and the rare pack house events enrolled him in public school where the shy boy he’d been began to flourish and grow. He made friends easily and because he’d grown up roughhousing with werewolves he became athletic and strong. He wasn’t werewolf strong, he never would be despite his efforts, but he was fast and it showed as elementary school drifted into junior high and finally high school.

In high school Wade at last came into his own. He was the starter quarterback, prom king, and had every intention of going on to college and playing professional ball. He was scouted and despite all his best efforts his world was crushed when the scouts told him he just didn’t have enough in his junior year. Of course this just made him work harder. His adoptive mother tried to redirect his attention to studies, to friendships, anything but he spent every waking moment when he wasn’t at school or being forced to feed on emotion or passion. He craved to feel that passion of his teammates striving for that final yard to a touchdown, he yearned for the crowd to cheer his name, and it satisfied him in ways that up to then he’d only ever known possible.

Of course his efforts were noticed, but again he was told he wasn’t yet there. So when he graduated his best friend at the time and he went to Alabama Southern Community College, instead of straight to the University of Alabama as they’d wanted or planned. Certainly they’d go together after finishing their associate’s degrees, which was the plan; they’d be roommates, but as life had proven to him more than once already…things were not fair.

Wade had been secretly gay through high school, sure he’d gone on dates with girls but he had simply let others think he’d done it, when in fact he’d been a virgin…he was still a virgin. He confessed to his best friend his sexual orientation and the backlash had been instantaneous. He’d never heard such hateful words before, vicious and cutting to the bone. His former best friend apparently homophobic which made little sense when the young adult knew he wasn’t human, apparently there were just some lines you didn’t cross in deep south and that was one of them.

He was heartbroken, distraught even and for a while his adoptive mother feared he’d die because he refused to leave his room or bed. After a week he began to feel starved, but it was only after two weeks that he lay near dead that he finally agreed to feed. The two of them had gone to a football game and sitting there in the stands watching his favorite team play football and listening to the crowd cheer, Wade decided that if he couldn’t live for love he would live for the love of the game. He finished his two-year degree and applied to schools and his wish finally came true. He started that fall becoming a part of the Crimson Tide, going to the University of Alabama. He still wasn’t good enough to start on the team, but he did spend time on the bench as a third string quarterback. He only got to throw a pass once in his time, but he got to keep the winning football from that game.

He obtained a bachelor's degree in education. And decided that Alabama had finally had enough of him, didn’t hurt that his adoptive mother had moved also, something about going where females could hold rank and fae were welcomed with open arms in a far nicer fashion then most areas. She’d even written to him jokingly that there were a lot of really nice looking men in the area. He of course didn’t take the bait until she sent him a link for a High School History Teacher in Pasco. He also saw that there was an opening for assistant football coach.

It was close to what he hoped to do, be a coach in a smaller town, though Pasco was easily 50,000 more than he was used to. He took the offer and before he knew it was on a plane on his way from ‘bama to Washington State. He’d only landed in Seattle when he got a voicemail that stated the school he’d been assigned had lost their head coach and would he like the position? Of course he said yes. That’s what had him out in the outskirts of Pasco in his rental truck when he got a flat. Great way to start life in a new place right?

Rose. CST. Whistles & Textbooks
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 12:10 AM
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