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 Delilah Vahvuus, Leeloo, Black Witch, Allison Harvard
Delilah Vahvuus
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 08:32 PM
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36 years old
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Why be a king when you can be a god? Why only have some, when you can have it all?
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— Clan Vahvuus —

Delilah Eve Vahvuus
Be a king? I think not. Why be a king when you could be a god?
Richland, Washington
Black Witch
Allison Harvard
distinguishing features.
Lilah is tall and waif thin at 6’0” with ease. She has delicate looking limbs that she keeps in very good shape, finding obesity a disgusting thing that could easily be avoided. Her hair is long and light blonde, reaching down to her waist in gentle waves that are meticulously kept in place with products and much brushing. The most noticeable thing aside from her height on Delilah’s person is her large eyes, giving her a doe eyed appearance. Her little bits of mascara and eyeshadow go a long way to enhance her eyes. She had been asked multiple times if she was a fae in glamour but all she could do was laugh and tell them no. She’s perfectly human and happy to be so.

Usually Delilah wears pastels and white, loving to keep the look of innocence about her. Typically her make up is very light and just around her eyes, though she knows how to do dramatic makeup on her face very well. Whenever Lilah would put on black it would be because she didn’t want the stains of blood to show on her clothing, everything washed but blood always stained pastels. While tight clothes could be good for the occasional date or so, Delilah prefers to wear loose blouses and skirts with the occasional jeans. Whenever she can Delilah has her clan meet up in everyday clothing so that way they don’t attract any attention to themselves and she makes sure to keep that image up in her every day life.

When Delilah has to put on a robe or anything like that for a ritual she always shudders with delight, robes are a sign of power and her robes are always straight black. There are no exceptions to this rule. No embellishments, no frills, nothing besides a plain black, hooded robe that obscures her face and can easily hide any sort of defining feature when her arms are down.

Miss Delilah has two very distinct sides to her personality. The first is the one that many people see is the bright and bubbly woman that has a love of all things life. She’s extremely helpful and sharp as a tack, able to exchange quips with people easily while maintaining a very professional and gentle demeanor. She could be categorized as the girl next door with the amount of smiles she can flash off in an instant. Her voice never gets raised while you see this side of her personality. She always maintains a calm presence and even if she’s incredibly angry she’s going to keep that level headed tone and usually you’ll barely even see the fact that there are fire and knives behind those big blue eyes.

The other side of her personality is reserved for the clan and the people she feels are more than just humans that couldn’t handle her. She turns into the darkest witch you could imagine. She loses that smile that permanently stains her face and replaces it with a look of just boredom with the world. She is power hungry and will do anything, absolutely anything to gain that power. Everyone in her clan knows of this and she has no problem striking down anyone that dares oppose her power within the clan if it comes to it. But her clan in her family, she has other ways to make sure they are satisfied with where they are other than killing them for the most part. Delilah is no stranger to death, but she will not kill one of her clan unless it’s absolutely necessary. After all, what else is family for? She does trust her clan for the most part, they know exactly what she can and will do if they decide to try and pull something on her, but she will love them just as any other mother loves her children.

Using people for her own gain is how Delilah became elder in her clan and she has no qualms about being honest about it. In fact she’s incredibly honest, she feels lying isn’t very useful in most situations, not to say that she won’t lie, she just doesn’t for the majority of the time. But there are many different ways to lie and she will take full advantage of white lies, bending the truth, omitting information, just about anything to get ahead in life. Every one is fair game to use as a rung in the step ladder to more and more power. Delilah has no problem what so ever getting her hands dirty and doing things herself, that was how she got to be where she was today after all. Plus if you want something done right you do it yourself, never leave a chance that someone else could fuck it up for you. The little details matter and if someone else messes up one little thing, well everything could literally blow up in her face and Delilah wouldn’t want any kind of evidence of witch craft on her person. She will protect her place and her clan no matter the costs.

There is some charisma to this waif, she can talk circles around people with a fair amount of ease. Some times she does it for the fun of it, others because she wants to tempt other witches into tasting the delicious power that comes from ripping apart that flesh and bone to gain that sweet, sweet power. She revels in turning a white witch black and snatching away some sort of opportunity that would create yet another white witch. Power is all that matters, why limit yourself?

Delilah Eve Vahvuus was born Jennifer Mae Black to a pair of white witches that preferred to keep to themselves while loosely maintaining ties with clan Sicuro. Her mother, Annalise, was all about maintaining balance and keeping up appearances and being normal while her father, Liam, was a pathetic excuse of a witch that could barely make charms or cast a healing spell for Delilah when she had a broken bone. This was her norm, weak and happy to go with the flow of normal human thing. School, swimming after, socializing, her magical education was reserved for the weekends at home, all that fun normal things that all the teenagers did made up the majority of Delilah’s life until she was almost 17. That was when she discovered the power of black magic and how enticing it was to become more and more powerful.

Delilah had gotten into a fight with her girlfriend at school over something or other, but Delilah was convinced that she was being lied to. She couldn’t stand lying to an extent that could’ve made saints blush at that point in time, and in the heat of the moment Delilah gave in to her desires. She knew how black magic could get answers and Delilah wanted that answer now. So she gave in, casting Answer Me on her ex-love, forcing an answer out of the girl after hours of keeping the frightened, panicking and sobbing girl in a locked closet. It was never a good idea to tell Delilah what scared you. Much to her shock, the girl had been truthful. But that was it for Delilah, she was black now. But she wasn’t sad or angry with herself, she felt right. Everything felt like it should’ve been. Delilah felt powerful, even though she was almost drained of .

So naturally Delilah hid the fact that she had cast a black spell on her friend from her parents. She started withdrawing from sports, friends, from so many things that made her normal, and started delving into the dark arts by herself, with drawing from her parents more and more so she could learn more. They would never approve, Delilah knew that, but she didn’t care. She felt the rush that it was to feel that powerful. So she started gathering all of the materials she could, she wanted to feel that rush again and soon. She wasn’t going to be stupid about it though, oh no, she was going to learn and learn all she could without endangering herself until she was properly prepared for the salivatingly beautiful moment. It took a year for Delilah to feel as if she was where she could be to work another ritual. The rush of that power was just waiting at her finger tips, just begging to be taken.

Annalise and Liam were out for the night and probably wouldn’t be home until the next morning one weekend, giving Delilah all the time she would need to cast the spell The Dead Know, hoping to have reserves of power enough to have the correct action that she wanted. Delilah could feel it, she had everything set up, everything was perfectly in place. The freshly dead corpse of some john that had killed himself via hanging was laid out delicately in the high fenced in back yard, the scene was set. Everything was perfect. Until the parents came home early, or in the dead of the night to be correct. They caught her in the middle of the spell, trying to get it to work with all the energy she had stored in the charms around and about in her room.

Naturally things didn’t go well. There was a huge fight, there was a lot of crying and in the end Delilah ran from them to run to the Vahvuus clan. She felt as if she started to thrive almost instantly. The day of her 18th birthday she changed her name from her given name to Delilah Eve Vahvuus, in honor of the clan that had taken her in happily and raised her to be the witch she always knew she would be.

Delilah continued to study black magic all throughout the rest of her life, learning from the previous Clan Elder. She happily carried on her life,giving the public life the sweet side while the Clan nurtured the lust for power in her. The previous Elder happily retired from managing the flaming cats that are the witches in the Clan and passed on the title and posistion to Delilah a month or so after Delilah turned 35. She had talked with her for so long, convincing the woman to give the power to her, convincing the woman that Delilah was the correct choice for the Clan. The little waif of a woman took to power like a bird to flying with a joy that couldn't be contained.

And to this day Delilah manages her herb shop in Kennewick, trying to keep her clan at least half way content and lusting for that delicious power herself as well.

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 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 10:58 PM
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