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Posted by: Hound Apr 25 2014, 03:17 PM
the plot.
where our story begins.

We focus on slice-of-life as opposed to over-arching plots. This is the set up for the site.

In 1986 it became public knowledge that faeries were real. Creatures of story and legend were suddenly your next door neighbors. Trolls repaired your car, banshee served your coffee and puka taught your children. This was met with a mix of emotions and the end result was give them government land as reservations and ID cards and kept a careful eye on them. Not all fae came out to the public. Only the ones deemed ‘safe’ by their overlords the anonymous Grey Lords were allowed to come forward. The result has been that the scarier fae are left under wraps. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from existing...

In 2007 the werewolves followed suit. Announcing their existence by allowing a war-hero to publicly come forward, wolves across the country began to do similar. Suddenly not only were there fae, there were werewolves. And while the fae carried ID cards and were kept on reservations, there was no way to safely deal with werewolves. After all, they were humans! Well, were once. Settling for allowing them to live alongside everyone else, the government simply kept an eye on them. And the wolves managed themselves, keeping the majority of their details (like their nigh-immortal lifespans) under wraps.

The Tri-cities of Eastern Washington, Kennewick, Pasco and Richland have found themselves home to a positively thriving supernatural community. With three werewolf packs, three vampire seethes, two witch clans, a fae reservation nearby and a whole pile of walkers it can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately most of the humans are in the dark as to just how many things go bump in the night. Because if they weren't, someone might cry wolf. And then all hell would break loose. As it stands, everyone is trying very hard to play nice and get along. It's for the best, really.

Under the careful eye of The Marrok, the werewolves of the Tri-cities are playing nice. Disagreements or not, they can’t resort to the ways of old where it was kill or be killed. Equipped with an omega per pack, the wolves are managing to behave themselves. They are hesitantly banding together in order to provide a safer haven for their wolves and it’s having strange results.

Because of the community environment, gay wolves that are discriminated against elsewhere are flocking to the Tri-cities. Female wolves, unable to gain rank outside of their mate’s are doing similar, eager to prove that they’re just as strong as their male counterparts. Some packs are even going so far as to allow them to hold rank on their own. A terribly progressive thing for wolves and it’s making itself known, luring more wolves in and leading to increasingly more adaptive packs. Outside of the Tri-cities the other packs are taking note and while they aren’t as quick on the uptake, they’re quietly grumbling about their losses and trying to be more progressive but it’s slow and the Tri-cities are leagues ahead of them.

Kennewick is acting as the business men and women they are, providing for their pack with wealth and power. Richland is proving to be more family based, welcoming those that want more than just a pack and making itself a bastion of acceptance. Pasco is providing a fine line between wealth and security and takes in those that don’t fit anywhere else… And might need a more aggressive hand to keep them in line.

Each pack is different, but they’re all on their best behavior…

Vampires are declaring allies. While the Richland seethe had been established for years, the recent arrival of two new seethes into Pasco and Kennewick makes for a tense field of play. No one’s bringing out the big guns yet, but as more vampires move into a single area tensions are on the rise and no one is quite sure where to look for trouble. More vampires means a limited source of food and each seethe is handling the situation as they feel best. For Kennewick and Pasco this has been to forge an alliance with the pack that shares their city. For Richland, they continue to hold strong and on their own, though that might change at any time.

Pulling their sheep from far away cities, the vampires are slowly building up their menageries of willing victims and infusing the Tri-cities with individuals loyal to them and aware of their existence. They have not, however, come out to the public. In is a widely debated topic among the nonliving blooddrinkers. After all, the werewolves did it with minimal consequences. But the fact that vampires kill to survive looms heavily over them and their seethe masters and mistresses are keeping the others in line. They refuse to come out, and thus they have not. Anyone speaking up too loudly in dissent is simply removed from the equation.

The fae are fairly well off… Once you overlook the whole ‘living on a reservation’ thing. The ones out to the public are under the careful scrutiny of the anonymous Grey Lords. The ones not out to the public are even more closely watched. One wrong step and there’s nothing stopping their unknown commanders from eliminating the problem. they cannot have anyone causing excessive problems. The gentler fae are encouraged to go public, often under the threat of death and most fae are encouraged to take human lovers to produce children that might possess the fae characteristics. Of course, these half-fae offspring, whether or not they possess their parent’s magics, are often shunned by the fae community but that doesn’t stop their parents from doing what they can to protect them.

Despite the fae behaving, the Grey Lords are breathing more heavily down their necks and it isn’t uncommon for a small error to lead to grand punishment. Of course, the fae aren’t making this public and it’s all very hush hush but that makes it no less of a flimsy comfort. Fortunately they’re grinning and bearing it. Mostly because they have no choice. They’re trying to make a living just like everyone else, after all. Some are living (quietly) off the reservation and these ones are generally the most careful. No one wants to ruin it for everyone else, after all. They quite enjoy being alive.

To the public, the witches are nothing more than your casual magician or charlatan. In reality, they are lengthy family bloodlines that have perfected their own forms of magic. While Vahvuus focuses primarily on black magics, preferring power over the well being of others, Sicuro favors white, putting emphasis on self sacrifice and maintaining balance. While the clans have no ruling body like the wolves or fae, their Elders keep the others in line and nurture their respective practices.

Despite both clans welcoming both practices, it’s obvious that they frown upon the opposite of their favored one and discourage the use of it. But given the limitations of the ruling bodies of witches, they do not have the level of power that the other species do and, thus, cannot hold threats over their heads. Not that they don’t try and don’t lack power of their own. A witch is just as capable of killing as a wolf, though they might be more crafty about it. They have their own methods of keeping their brethren in line, however. But given the chance to work together with unfamiliar magics, most witches are willing to play nice in order to have access to a wider variety of spells.

Walkers were once thought extinct. Then wolves came out and the handful of wolves with walker mates encountered other walkers. Which lead to word spreading. Eventually walkers followed the lead of the other supernaturals and several of their kind arrived in the Tri-cities, thrilled by the steady population of supernaturals.

Of course, it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Many of them are capable of seeing ghosts and that makes them the vampires’ foes of yester-year. But most vampires don’t remember that and no walker knows the full extent of it, so they’re willing to live in (relative) peace. After all, walkers look like your average human and they've still got rent to pay and it’s hard to pay rent when you’re dead. They aren't out to the public and given that their origins are kind of fuzzy to begin with no one is jumping that particular gun anytime soon. Most walkers are on their own, though a few have joined up with werewolf packs for some added protection. You know, just in case.

And that leaves us with the humans. While most of them are oblivious to half of the things around them, a few are more than a little in the know. Maybe it’s because their lover is a fae or their cousin is a werewolf. Or maybe they ran into a long-lost uncle that was supposed to be dead and wasn't. Most of them are willing to keep their mouths shut. After all, anyone that is stupid enough to try to out vampires is going to wind up very dead very quick. That doesn't stop some from trying to learn everything they can.

While some have found themselves in direct company of something decidedly other in a social aspect, others have found themselves in vampires’ menageries, being regularly fed off of and slowly turned into one themselves. Others have found themselves longing to risk their lives to become a werewolf.

Various groups have cropped up. Some are pro-nonhumanl but it’s the anti-nonhuman groups that are far louder. Citizens for a Brighter Future and the John Lauren Society have both staked their claim in the Tri-Cities, though their hate is primarily directed at the fae for the time being rumors of an increasingly anti-werewolf stance have been circulating. In response FENRIS has risen up in support of the nonhuman groups known to humans. Humans might not be the heavy hitters, but they can certainly pack a punch of their own!

Posted by: Rune Dec 30 2015, 03:54 PM
Subplot 1
January 2016 - June 2016

With the abundance of nonhumans in the Tri-cities it was only a matter of time before Citizens for a Bright Future and the John Lauren Society set up shop. It started with an office in Kennewick, which was brought to a grinding halt when Locke Sinclair bought the building from under them. Their building in Pasco, however, couldn't be bought so they leased it free from harassment. JLS fronted the bill but it was manned by CBF individuals. It currently serves as little more than a museum for the "horrors" fae and werewolves have caused in the past - referencing fairy tales and legends such as the Beast of Gevaudan and fairy tales of children being eaten. Pamphlets are handed out and those that go inside are 'educated' on the atrocities they are now living with. The tour is frequently ended with opportunities to sign petitions, everything from demands to deport the fae to demands that werewolves be listed as endangered species instead of humans.

FENRIS has stationed themselves outside, picketing it regularly. Every now and then the police show up to make sure it isn't getting out of hand. Rumors have it CNTRP agents have been seen in the area, but the CNTRP office denies any such thing. They had a building in Richland donated to their cause and have stationed their base of operations there. Thus far all they seem to be doing is spreading fliers about how CBF and JLS are liars and nonhumans deserve the support of the American people.

Alongside this new arrival in the Tri-cities, reports of hate crimes are on the rise. It seems a silly thing to commit a hate crime against a creature that can rip your head from your body, but fae have been arriving at the police station soaked in glittery water and werewolves have reportedly had blood thrown on them. No one has been apprehended in the crimes yet and CBF denies any connection.

Worse crimes haven't been reported, but some are whispering that a house fire in Richland was the result of such a crime. Police are denying a connection to the other attacks. No one was hurt in the fire and no one has been hurt in any of the other 'attacks' but nonhumans are on edge and keeping their eyes open regardless.

For more information on the other groups in the tri-cities see

You may:
Say your public fae or werewolf was attacked by an anonymous, unknown assailant. These attacks will not frequently be physical assaults but will, instead, be similar to a PETA attack/protest (glittery water/blood thrown on them, more of an attempt to humiliate than hurt.) The violence might escalate, however.
Say damage was done to your public fae or werewolf's home or business.

You may not:
Say the attackers are known/identify them. (NPCs may be arrested for the crimes, however.)
Have a murder occur (have an NPC die as a result of the attacks or have your character kill their assailants - Remember: Everyone is trying to convince humans that they're here to play nice.)

Remember: Witches, walkers, wizards and vampires are not out to the public. While bigots rarely understand differences, they might suspect a character of being something they aren't (ie: a human might get attacked despite not being anything other than human) there is no way of proving it. If your character keeps company with public wolves or fae, there's always the chance the individuals behind the attacks have seen them in public and will attack them regardless.

Posted by: Rune Aug 2 2016, 12:02 PM
Subplot 2
August 2016 - January 2017

(The previous subplot continues.)

The fae are restless.

The growth that serves to hide the fence along Fairyland has grown rapidly in the past few months, leading most to assume magic, which isn't wrong. The surrounding area, usually not the most lush in growth, has found similar spurts of greenery expanding. Farms are reporting excessive crops and the normal scrub of the Tri-cities is bursting with life.

Fae out to the public have been dodging questions in the style only they can. None of them are claiming to know what is going on and are politely dodging any inquiries by claiming that it isn't their work. One has been quoted as saying "Do you not think that if this were mine I would lay claim to it? What fae would not want to claim such power?"

The growth has been proving to be convenient for the local farms, whom are already boasting record profits. Certainly no one is complaining, but it is very strange, isn't it?

Additionally, people are reporting finding dead animals. Mostly stray dogs, though one farmer reported several cows and another a horse. There doesn't seem to be any similarities, with the dogs appearing to have been run through with a spear of all things, and the horse simply dead from fear. The cows were reportedly eaten down to the bone.

Posted by: Rune Jan 1 2017, 10:48 PM
Subplot 3
January 2017 - July 2017

What was previously just unrest has progressed. With the aftermath of the Wild Hunt leaving the Tri-cities whirling, JLS and CBF have found themselves with more members than previously and more interest in their cause.

Some are calling for the inclusion of werewolves on the endangered species list, others to be allowed to hunt them and fae alike. Some want fae thrown out of the country. FENRIS is stepping up their own activism, reminding the world that werewolves are members of their family and that fae contribute to the economy.

The result is riots. Protesters are boycotting nonhuman businesses. There is one murder investigation underway after a man killed someone he suspected was a werewolf and was not - Or at least none of the packs were claiming him.

So far the damage is limited, but people are still noticing the effect. Especially nonhumans. The nonhuman business owners that are not public are doing their best to keep it that way.

CNTRP is upping security on Fairyland and fending off excessive reports of, usually, false information regarding supposed fae or werewolf attacks. The paperwork is endless, the hours are just as bad. The police find themselves assisting where they can and passing off every case that even looks vaguely magical to them in hopes of it being proven mundane. No one wants things to get worse.

Posted by: Rune Aug 9 2017, 02:41 PM
Subplot 4
August 2017 - December 2017

While there is still unrest in the Tri-cities, it seems to have died down in terms of public outbursts. The police have been quick to document hate crimes against nonhumans and have come out as publicly against such acts, reminding citizens that there is punishment for such things. The United States government is facing it's own nonhuman difficulties as a senator in Mississippi has introduced a bill to classify werewolves as an endangered species as opposed to humans, stripping them of their rights. Needless to say the backlash is loud and nation wide.

Despite this the Tri-cities have found themselves in an odd state of peace... One that is proving advantageous as tourism peaks in an effort to see nonhumans and interact with them. The results are mixed, with some humans pretending to be fae to earn a living and more fae pretending to be human to avoid unwanted attention. Some are eating it up, however, and jumping on board with business ventures in order to take advantage of the new surge of attention.

Posted by: Rune Dec 28 2017, 01:27 PM
Subplot 5
January 2018- June 2018

The Tri-cities have found themselves a tourist hot spot!
While JLS and CBF still protest and pass out pamphlets, the cities themselves are taking advantage of the sudden economic boom. Fae themed wineries and werewolf themed night clubs are popping up as humans try to wedge their way into the potential money pit.

The FBI has quietly established some agents in the area, while CNTRP has beefed up their offices. Protests are ever-present, though now they have a wider variety of range. In addition to JLS and CBF arguing for the removal of the reservation from their backyard, FENRIS has stepped up and is now fighting the anti-werewolf bill looming in congress. With an election looming ever closer, the human side of the Tri-cities finds themselves divided and the nonhuman topics are a hot button for politicians!

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