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Posted by: Rune Jul 8 2014, 12:58 PM
Each species has a more in-depth FAQ specific to them.

When did the Fae and Wolves come out to the public?
1986 was when the fae first came out, werewolves were outed in 2007.
Now this doesn't mean your fae or Werewolf needs to be outed, it is an option and for fae depends on race (check the fae specific lores for this).

Can my character be oblivious to what (s)he is?
Not really. Wolves are mauled practically to death and only live because the wolf takes hold.
Vampires are pretty committed to getting chewed on for months or years before they're turned.
Walkers are born that way and spontaneously shift as babies before they have the mental capacity to be told not to do so.
Everyone is pretty aware of what they are. There's really no hiding it from yourself.

What are the names of the series? I want to read them!
Mercy Thompson starts with Moon Called. Alpha and Omega starts with Cry Wolf. Mercy is a bit more action-packed while A&O is a bit more romantic.

Why can't I see your approved characters?
This is done as requested by our members. You can view them once you are registered.

My character is part of Pasco, does that mean he can't go into Kennewick?
Nope. All the packs/Seethes have it arranged that people can come and go freely so long as they follow the specific rules laid out by the city's appropriate ruling body. (Ie: Werewolves follow the local alpha's rules, vampires follow the local Seethe master's, etc)

Can I play a ghost?

Why 18+?
Because we're adults and we like playing with adults. While some of our topics on site might veer towards a more adult audience, the primary reason is the fact that we just prefer writing with other adults.

Do you allow transgender characters?
We've got a couple on site already. Just claim their face as the gender of the RW individual.

Do you allow X sexuality?
We seriously don't care. Roll whatever sexuality you want.

Do I need an OOC account?
Not if you don't want one. A lot of us have found that it's easier for managing multiple characters, but if you only have one there's no need and nothing saying you ever need to have one if you don't want one. It's a good solid place for people to send PMs to so you don't have to hop around to every character to see if you've gotten new ones.

I made an account months ago and just now found the site again, why is my account gone?
We clean out accounts that are untouched monthly. Same goes for WIPs that have been abandoned and approved characters that don't make the AC. While we're relaxed on posting, we feel that having inactive players/characters in the directory and taking up limited slots (female wolves, for example) is unfair to those that join and want to participate.

What about hunters?
It's hard to hunt something when it's publicly out there. They don't really exist in the Mercycverse. Werewolves and fae are known to exist publicly so if they start turning up dead, people will notice. Vampires aren't public, but they keep to either extremely powerful groups or themselves, doing everything in their power to avoid detection. While someone might take a dislike to any of the above and want to kill them, humans (or even walkers and witches) are so extremely outclassed by the heavy hitters in the supernatural world.

Evil characters?
While possible, they're not exactly likely. Because of the ongoing emphasis on keeping the peace and not standing out to the human population anyone that is prone to causing trouble is quickly taken care of. On top of this, the werewolf population has been actively culling their murderous individuals in order to keep humans from turning on them. When the fae first come out, the Gray Lords slaughtered entire species in order to prevent murderous fae from giving them bad press. This included fae that liked to eat humans (those spared were given a strict rule: No eating people. Failure to uphold to this means a swift death.) Vampires are vaguely paranoid with the outing of werewolves and fae and don't want to be found out themselves, thus keep their killing quiet. Witches are kept in line both by their clans and the fact that if they grow too powerful, other witches will come after them for that power. There's checks and balances in place that keep "evil" characters from getting far in this world. (On top of that, we're more of a slice of life as opposed to an ongoing plot so if your character spends their time being a douchebag, they might not be finding the interaction you want.)

How do I link accounts?
My Controls > Subaccounts. You log in from there, they're connected! Make sure you are signed in to the account you want to be the primary account.

I want to have XYZ rank!
We're glad you're that interested in Cry Wolf, but I'd stop by the first and see if the the rank you want is available first off. If it is, then I'd take a look at the requirements. All our ranks require 3+ weeks of activity after approval before you can even be considered for it. Plus, of course, the IC requirements. All of which are listed on that thread.

How do I use your tag system?
@[First Last] as it appears on the account. Or @OOC if its only one word.

How do I put music on my profile?
You don't. It's broken. Ignore it, we're working on getting it fixed!

Why are people just saying numbers?
Some of us make others pick what reply we're working on. For example, if someone pops in and says "1-7." They're wanting people to pick a number between 1 and 7 and they'll reply to the corresponding thread in their alerts. It's become a weird game to try to pick yourself.

Can my witch/wizard/druid/whatever get turned into a vampire/werewolf later on?
Nope. These exist in the books, but are ridiculously powerful compared to everyone else and don't currently fit what we have arranged.

How do I send alerts?
@[Firstname Lastname] or @OOCaccount will do it! Most of us use our alerts as our trackers so it makes it easier for us to find things we need to reply to!

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