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Posted by: Hound Apr 21 2014, 08:41 PM
the rules.
a must read.
This is our hobby. It's here for fun and our own enjoyment. Because of that we try to be laid back and do what we think would be the most entertaining for Cry Wolf as a whole. These rules are in place in order to maintain both expectations and the world we have arranged for us.

Bear in mind that you must be over 18 years old to play on Cry Wolf.

1. Use Common Sense. - Your fledgling vampire is in a fight against a centuries old werewolf? Probably going to lose. Your character is in love with Susan but Susan is married to Jack? Probably not going to work out. Bill never talks to you despite your repeated efforts? Probably doesn't want to chat.

2. IC =/= OOC. - If you cannot separate your characters from yourself, this isn't the place for you. Our characters are not us and we are not our characters.

3. Respect your fellow members. - The golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

4. The golden rules of RP also apply: No godmodding, no power playing and no character is all powerful. No character is perfect. Characters are realistic and varied. Their histories are not a game to see how many bad things you can cram into them.

5. Our Play-bys are and characters are both over 18.

6. The golden OOC Rules apply: No politics or religion may be discussed. Be nice, respect one another, etc.

7. Real world always comes first.

8. We do not claim real life people as our characters. (You cannot, for example, play Abraham Lincoln or Jesse James.)

9. Intelligent until proven stupid. We assume that everyone that joins Cry Wolf is intelligent. If you prove to be otherwise, cause trouble for other players, harass other players or generally prove to be a problem you will be banned. No warnings, no hand holding. Just gone. (This includes attempts at trolling.)

10. We follow the lore that Patricia Briggs has laid out for us. While some things change here and there to reflect our AU nature or to handle a lack of information, as a whole we respect our source material.

11. Posts are 3rd person (He, she, they) and we aim to reach 250+ words per post.

12. By joining Cry Wolf we assume you are an adult and capable of being treated as such. You must be 18 years old or older.

13. We ask that sexual abuse/rape be kept vague and undetailed. While you can have it in your character's backstory, we prefer if it wasn't brought up repeatedly or in grand detail. Rape should never be played out on the board.

Character Rules

Character rules can be found

Activity Checks

Activity checks occur once every 2 months. There are no post requirements, but players will be asked to list the characters they wish to keep and the characters they wish to discard. For every character discarded, we will ask for a 2 week waiting period before you make another. If we feel you are rolling tons of characters without actually playing them (whether attempting to simply claim popular faces or whatever reason) we reserve the right to tell you to hold off and RP some before rolling more.

Ranking characters must meet all activity checks and upon missing one are removed from their rank. All ranking characters must have 5 posts per month (10 per activity check.) A ranking character with a hiatus up is given a bit of leeway, but only so much. They are attended to on a case by case basis.

We are a 333 rating. This is just under R. However, we are a premium site meaning we don’t have nearly as many restrictions as regular Jcink sites. Because many of our members play at work we ask that ‘graphic’ threads be either marked as such (including applications) by having wording at the top or in the description/title to make it clear that it should be avoided by those individuals or placed in the mature section just to make sure. Post icons are available for just such a reason.

The mature section may only be accessed by those over the age of 18. In this board you will find sex and violence and anything deemed or concerned to be inappropriate. As is Jcink’s site wide rule, no depictions of drug use may occur anywhere on site.

Smaller Details
a must read.

IC account avatars should be of the character’s playby and should be 250x400.
Avatars should not contain graphic nudity. (No exposed breasts, penises, butts.)
They should be of the character's face claim, not just a random image.
OOC accounts may not use images of yourself as an avatar. This is for your safety and other's personal comfort.


An account per character is required but if a player wishes to have an OOC account in order to better manage trackers, shippers, PMs, etc they are more than welcome to do so. OOC accounts should be rolled after a character is approved.

Gifs are 100x100.

You can fill out your account info in the My Controls panel. Info on adding music can be found

You can connect your accounts through the sub account menu in My Controls.


OOC Accounts should be the same as the name as you use in the cbox and the directory. This is so individuals can find you and contact you easily should they be interested in RPing with you. No one wants to play the 'Wait, who are you?' game because you use a different name in every place. You should also use the same name in the Alias section of your character's profile and app. It's usually preferred that you use a different OOC name than one of your characters' names. (Obviously we don't police this one and it is primarily a suggestion.)

Character Names should be realistic. While people name their children ridiculous things (Sanity, Burger and Hippo have all been done) and individuals are more than capable of changing them to far more ridiculous things (They, Megatron and for example) you should take the time and setting into account. Especially in terms of species.

While some brands of fae might adopt fairly ridiculous names, werewolves were once human and the chances of them opting to change their name to something that basically screams 'wolf' is unlikely since they've been sneaky about it until recently. (Meaning we're going to look twice at someone named both Wolf McAxeSmasher as well as someone named James Faeface. Use common sense and you're good.) These "quirky" names are not a dime a dozen and when most nonhumans want to blend in to their surroundings, they're not going to use a name that doesn't help them accomplish that.

You may not simply reroll a character from a show/movie/book with the same name/face.

If your name is felt to be inappropriate or does not suit the setting, you will be asked to change it. We can and will deny characters based on their names if we have to.

Names should also be fewer than 25 characters long to keep from breaking code.

No names should contain vulgarity.

You may not use just a single name such as 'Jon' you must have a first and a last.

Be sure to read up on the

Posted by: Rune Jan 11 2015, 01:49 AM
Cbox Rules.
a must read.
The Golden Rule: If you can't say something nice, keep it to yourself.
- If you feel you cannot be courteous, say nothing at all.
-If you dislike another member, ignore them.
-No discussion of politics, religion, etc.
-Keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor.

Keep it civil.
- Arguments should be taken to PMs or an instant messenger
- Strong opinions on a topic? Fantastic. If you can't be polite about it, don't bring it up.
-We do not swear at one another.

Don't go overboard.
-The Cbox is for chatting and communication. Some quick plotting is, obviously, okay. But you are sharing it with the rest of the site and that should be remembered.
-Shippers, Discord and PMs are the best place to do the majority of your plotting.
-While they are new and fun, don't spam the cbox with gifs or images to the point of regular conversation getting drowned out.

Mind your manners
-No spamming, obviously.
-No explicit sexual content - The Cbox is available to everyone and guests. Some commentary is A-OK, but keep it reasonable. wink.gif
-If someone asks for a topic change, it's good manners to grant it to them.

Let the staff do their job.
While we appreciate you wanting to help guests out, if staff is online and handling the questions, let them. This doesn't mean you cannot help, simply that you shouldn't talk over staff when they are attempting to help someone. The same goes for disciplining anyone or policing the conversation. However, if a topic makes you uncomfortable you may request it change.

No pity parties
Things suck. We know. We do not, however, constantly want to hear how hard you have it. Add some variety. Relentless whining only gets annoying. (Some complaints are okay. Walls of them, less so.)

Please no flashing avatars.
A few of our members have epilepsy and this is for their comfort as much as anything else.

No spoilers
Books, movies, video games, TV shows, it doesn't matter. If it's relatively recent (or ongoing) don't spoil it for others.

No Oversharing
No one needs to know when the last time you got laid was. No one needs to know that you eat eggplants every Friday because your dear old aunt Agnes loved them and she died last year. Use common sense.While we like to consider everyone here friends, we don't need to know every minuscule detail. Especially if we don't yet know you very well.

No harassing for posts
With the alert system, people know you've replied to them (provided you tag them) so there's no need to bring it up repeatedly in the Cbox. One reminder is enough. Even if you are excited about the thread, bringing it up constantly is a good way to get it put to the bottom of someone's to do list.

Let everyone talk.
You don't need to fill the silence. If no one is saying anything, you don't need to flood the Cbox with nonsense. Casual announcements that you're online or other such things are fine, posting for the sake of posting, less so. Topics of conversation shouldn't be about any one individual.

These rules are subject to change without warning. If a member of staff sees comments they deem inappropriate in the Cbox, they will be deleted and you will be reminded of the rules. If it continues, an official warning will follow..

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