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 Kassidy Brooks, Medic|Fae(Nightmare)|Amy Lee
Kassidy Brooks
 Posted: Apr 6 2018, 12:10 AM
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298 years old
Night DJ
Here in the darkness I know myself....
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— Fae (Nightmare) —

Kassidy Brooks
Here in the darkness I know myself...
Kass, Dee
Amy Lee
distinguishing features.
Kass tries to bring as much of her natural form into her glamour as she can. Her hair is long and straight, colored midnight black with a hint of blue when the light hits it just right. Her eyes are large, colored light blue that lets her adjust them to a light green as she wills, seeing as many humans with the same features possess that trait. She keeps her skin on the paler side, appreciating the contrast between it and her hair. Kass’s facial features are soft, and usually convey her emotions readily. She tends to keep her height short, standing around 5’ 3”, with a medium build. Her choice in clothing is usually runs a little on the eclectic side, or simple and comfortable, and anywhere in between. Her makeup is nearly always dark, with any dark shade of a color being incorporated.

In her true form, she is truly a sight to behold. Like all others of her kind, her coat is an inky black, and age has gifted her with quite a few slivery flecks throughout her coat. Her feathered hooves shine with a slivery sheen, and her eyes are normally liquid silver, though when she gets angry they have been known to go to a metallic red. Unlike her glamour, she is rather large, approaching the size of a Clydesdale.

Despite everything she’s been through, Kass somehow manages to maintain a sweet temperament. Most of the time. Everyone has their limits of course, and her time spent bridled may or may not have made those limits easier to reach. Someone she cared about would find a loving, nurturing being who loves hard. That is especially so in relationships; she isn’t one to be monogamous, and each person that she considers herself having a relationship with receives the same intensity.

On the flip side, if someone draws her ire, she can be rather merciless. While every perceived slight isn’t met with retribution, she can and will drive someone deserving to the brink of insanity with her abilities. She’s only ever gone that far one time, but it’s still not a good idea to test her limits.

In the 1700’s, Scotland still held quite a few hidden glens, the perfect places for fae to gather and keep their presence from humans. It was in one of these glens that Kassidy was born. Like all others of her kind, she was the progeny of a Nightmare and Pegasus. She stuck around with her mother and father for most of her youth, a time that was rather mundane, at least in fae terms.

As time went on, she ranged farther and farther from the watchful eyes of her parents. Like any other young being, her curiosity was ravenous and her need for adventure was ravenous. During one of these nocturnal excursions, she came to close to a hamlet. Now, the Scottish people were a rather superstitious bunch (for good reason, obviously), and a local blacksmith had noticed the black horse and followed her to the local brook. Upon seeing her take on her glamour, he formulated a plan.

The next night was spent the same way, coming near the hamlet to watch the comings and goings of the humans, and another trip to the brook. As she weaved her way between the trees, the blacksmith struck. In the space of moments she found herself bridled, and no matter how hard she fought, she could not get the harness off. In her panic, she got herself cornered, and that was when the man revealed himself.

John McCullough was his name, and he had aspirations much larger than he could achieve in the sleepy little town. He was the one who had bridled her, and he wanted to make a deal. Being a Nightmare, she could tilt certain things in his favor, mainly by sending debilitating night terrors to his competitors, and those who didn’t agree with him. In return, at the time of his death, she would be released. She knew if she did not agree to the terms, she would slowly loose her sentience and become just another mare. Once she had agreed and could not break the deal, he took the bridle off. Even without the harness on her head, she could still feel the bindings of the deal she had made.

Over the years, the McCullough family grew in influence, power, and wealth, due in no small part to her abilities. John had made a foray into politics, and through her every competitor he ran against always performed poorly, or outright went insane. The trend was enough that people began to question if he had made a deal with the Devil himself, but no one dared accuse him of it lest the same happen to them.

As for Kass, these years were not kind to her. She was withdrawn, longing for the freedom she had once had. On top of that, she didn’t enjoy bringing harm to those who didn’t necessarily deserve it. But a deal was a deal, and she continued doing as she was told. She barely ate on her own, though the McCullough’s made sure to make her eat enough to keep her strength up. She was treated less like a person and more like a possession, and her only driving force to stay alive was the fact that she knew humans were such short lived beings. That being said, John lived into his eighties.

As the man lay breathing his last on his deathbed, she knew her time was near. It was the turning of a new century, and so many new things would be open to her. That night, John McCullough left the mortal plane, and his body was still cooling while she was making her preparations to leave. His son had other plans, and tried to order her to stay and continue to serve him. All the years of her captivity surged to the surface at once, and something in her snapped. She simply stopped preparing to leave, but never uttered the words that would bind her in an agreement. As soon as the son and his wife went to sleep, she appeared by their bedside, and conjured up the strongest nightmares she could possibly imagine. Happy with her work, she passed through the wall and out of the life of the family. The son was found in the morning by his bride, his eyes open but unblinking; the nightmare had taken its toll on his mind, and he lived the rest of his days in a catatonic state.

What was she to do now? She couldn’t bear to try and find her parents, her shame too great. Without much thought, she simply disappeared, making her way across the Irish Sea to Ireland. There she would spend many years, preferring to stay in isolation. After spending so many years hurting others for someone else’s gain, why wouldn’t she? Still, she couldn’t avoid her innate curiosity, and she watched society from afar. Twenty years would come and go before she inserted herself back into society. A new nation, not even half a century old yet, lay across the Atlantic. As someone who was looking for a new start, it only made sense.

Once she finally landed in New York, Kass swore she would never again sail across an ocean. The voyage was long and miserable, but once she was on land, she knew it was worth it. Aside from the eastern coast, the continent was largely unexplored, which would give her plenty of room to wander as she wanted. New York was the hub of human activity at the time, and she decided to give it a chance. She lived among the humans during the day, working many of the menial jobs that women were relegated to during those days. Even with that, she still enjoyed the interaction with other beings, even finding a few fellow fae in the mix.

By the 1830’s, she had made her way as far south as Louisiana. She was in New Orleans for the first Mardi Gras parade, and fell in love with the mix of cultures that pervaded the area, specifically the practice of voodoo . The religion was dark, with its basis around the fickle Loa. If she didn’t know better, she figured that they were inspired by fae. It was here she would meet her first real love, a Dominican freewoman who worked as a voodoo priestess. The two met in the mid 1840’s, and Kass was absolutely crushed when Catalina perished in the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1853. She had always known of the frailty that humans were cursed with, but until now it had not mattered. It was Catalina that taught her that not all humans were bad, and that they were indeed capable of love. After burying the woman, Kass would disappear into the wilds again.

She avoided humans during the Civil War, staying completely isolated from them during the time. Imagine her surprise to see how much had changed in such a short amount of time. Prior to the Civil War, free African Americans were treated fairly well, with almost as much respect as Caucasians. All that had changed. While the slaves were technically free, they were completely discriminated against. This all came to a head in 1873 during the Colfax Riot. So much hate over the color of one’s skin was sickening to her, and she left Louisiana forever.

The next hundred years are so were relatively unremarkable save for one thing. As the frontier expanded westward, she followed. Even though she very nearly hated humans, she did know that not all of them were the same, even if the majority seemed to be hellbent on killing each other. She met another one of these rare humans, a man named Daniel that had made his way out west to make a life for himself. They courted for a short while, and were married within a year. He was a good man, and she wanted to give him the children he wanted so desperately, even though she couldn’t. Even with the disappointment of being unable to have children, he still treated her well up until the day he died. For the second time in her life, she buried a lover.

More years passed, and as they always did, things changed with time. She saw the building of cities, the building of roads, and many other wonders. It would be World War Two before she rejoined the workforce, and it was then she discovered the workings of radio. Her voice was perfect for it, and with many of the male DJ’s being off at war, she fell in to one of the positions in California. She ended up staying with the station after the end of the war, witnessing the birth of rock n’ roll, the British Invasion, and the advent of Punk first hand.

Again it was time to move; her kind was one that was ordered to remain secret by the Grey Lords once the Fae came out to the public, and that suited her just fine. More years passed, with many of them spent in the wild even as wild places slowly disappeared from the map. The national forests that had been set up often had very deep parts that people tended not to venture to, and those would become her domain during these times.

Recently, the surge in supernatural activity around the Tri-Cities area caught her attention. Maybe it was time to step back into society. With money she had stashed away over the years, she purchased a small home outside of Pasco, one with direct access to the nearby forest. By a happy coincidence the local radio station needed a night DJ, a position she was happy to accept. Was this just another stop on the journey of her life, or would this become home, something she hadn’t truly had since her time with Daniel?

Medic | EST |RitualisticSacrifice
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 02:50 AM
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