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Posted by: Hound Apr 28 2014, 04:06 PM
a must read.

  • Based on Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series.
  • No knowledge of the books is required.
  • 250 Wordcount
  • No character limit
  • No post requirements for the average member (Minimal post requirements for ranked members.)
  • Activity checks bi-monthly.
  • Current day setting located in the tri-cities of Washington: Pasco, Kennewick and Richland.
  • Mature community - You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Focus on character development, personal plot and slice-of-life.
  • Eight species to choose from: Vampires, werewolves, fae, walkers, witches, wizards, druids and humans.
  • Players are 18+.
  • We are a premium site and have a mature board.

Goals: Here at Cry Wolf we aim to provide a fun, entertaining environment in which to roleplay in the Mercyverse Patricia Briggs has created. We will be doing our best to follow the lore she has provided so that we may immerse ourselves in her universe. We want things to be as simplistic and easy to grasp as possible, meaning that we want people to be able to join the site and get rolling without too many roadblocks. We want information to be quick to digest, easy to find and referencing the material on which we're based. What does this mean for you?

-Relaxed environment: Infrequent activity checks and no posting requirements mean you're free to do as you please. Play on whom you want and make the characters you desire. Real world always comes first.

-A focus on the members: A site isn't a site without its members!

-A chance to get involved: Have a plot idea? Do you enjoy writing articles and lore? Did you make an ad? Great! Let us know and we'll find a place for it!

-Varying types of events so that you can participate in what you enjoy best.

On top of this, we offer experienced admin that know and love the books and want to play in that world. We have a lot of ideas for the site and want everyone to be involved and feeling as though they are a part of something, not just playing under an umbrella provided by the admin.

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