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 Augustus Kartalian, Rose | Fae (Jotun) | Jason Statham
Augustus Kartalian
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 10:56 PM
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673 years old
Sheep Annihilator
Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out. - Karl Augustus Menninger
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Augustus Kartalian
“Do not be afraid of that which should be afraid of you”
Gus, Kraken
Kingdom of Bohemia
Fae (Jotun)
Jason Statham
distinguishing features.
Glamour: Glamoured Augustus or Gus, as he goes by more often than not these days, is large and broad man. He opts to blend in now, having perfected the art of glamour the past few centuries. He stands just less than six feet in height, with a dense build. He prefers his hair nonexistent and generally has a shaved head. In this form his chest is large, but it’s his abs that draws attention, there is very little body fat on the man, he is nearly all bone and muscle. His face sports a strong jaw, often graced with stubble, and hazel eyes that never quite lose the killer vibe he inadvertently gives off along with a very chilly deadpan appearance. It’s rare to ever see him smile.

Attire wise Gus has decided to attempt a more classical appearance. He is often found in suits or dress slacks. It’s a deceiving appearance to say the least. He appears that way to lead his will be victims into a false sense of safety. It's not uncommon to find him sporting a tie or bowtie, pending the occasion. He rarely goes without long-sleeved shirts, hiding the scars from his many battles over the centuries and squabbles with lesser fae who became a meal.

Unglamour: While he is impressive to see in glamour it is when the glamour fades away that the giant is revealed. He is a sight to behold, standing a bit less than 9’ tall with the bulky, long armed body of his kinfolk. His skin is a deep blue and his hair is a dark endless black. His eyes are soulless black; large and perceptive. His face is leaner unglamoured with high chiseled cheekbones and a wide stubborn jaw.

Apathetic to anything that doesn’t pertain to him. Gus doesn’t much care one way or another about anything other than his own pleasures and wellbeing. He finds humans both amusing and delicious. He’s not above having a play thing though he’s never found himself with any sort of attachment. The few beings he hasn’t slept with and ate are a few of his clients and the mother(s) of his children. In traditional fae stereotypes Gus is a snob when it comes to the supernatural races and believes fae, in particular the Jotuns, is a race above all others. His healthy fear of the Grey Lords keeps him from enjoying his fun like he once did, but he’s managed to find a new way to have fun and play with his food, all at the same time.

Augustus has a gravelly voice, low and rumbly; it is hard to ever tell if he is anything but mad, which he often is. He has travelled a lot, on account of his eating people and needing to move, so it’s understandable that he learned a few languages over the years. He is fluent in Czech, Latin, German, Yiddish, Romani, and English. Though it is possible he knows more but hasn’t come into a situation in which he needed to use them. He has a brutal temper that can and has gotten him into quite a bit of trouble in his younger years. He is very much the silent but deadly type. His temper is stuff of legends, but he’s kept it frigidly tight to the chest the past few centuries, ever since he took a bite of one of his daughters.

Born in 1345 in The Kingdom of Bohemia, sometimes referred to as the Czech Kingdom, Augustus as his parents had named him grew up unsuspecting of his true nature and background. His unsuspecting parents were poor farmers, their babe switched at birth with Gus, by their fae midwife who’d given birth a few days prior. By then his protective glamour had taken hold leaving none the wiser save the midwife who consumed the couples actual child and then skipped town, her parental act completed and therefore no longer needed to raise the boy who came from not one but two Jotun and their coupling.

The changeling’s biological father never knew about his existence or if he did never sought him out. Augustus spent his childhood working around the farm, helping his father with the oxen, his mother with the vegetable garden, and eventually and foolishly falling in love with a local maid in the nearby village. He was but a sixteen year old boy when he began to fool around with the equally young girl behind a barn. The adrenaline, hormones, and arousal caused something to glitch and instead of the dark haired boy with hazel eyes stood a monster of blue-greyish skin and pointed ears that made him even less attractive and frightful with a mouth of pointed canines and dark eyes that looked like bottomless pits.

The girl, naturally, screamed in fright and when the local villagers came running to her aid they saw the beast with arms around her morph back into the humble farmer’s boy they had known and trusted until then. It scared them and as many humans do when scared they sought to destroy that that scared them. They chased the boy out of the village and he ran, in glamour, all the way home where he was greeted by his tearful mother begging him to run.

Run? Why must he run? He was home, with his parents, protected and safe, and then his father came at him with a pitchfork and the threatened and scared boy did what was natural of his true kind. He killed his father and then horrified at what he’d done turned and left the farmhouse with is crying mother still crumbled on the floor in fright and anguish. He never looked or went back, moving from town to town and working as a farmer.

Forced to move on when his urges for human flesh grew so great he was broke down and ate a local drunk or willing bedmate. This trend continued well into the 1400’s as Gus reached his species age of maturity and seemed to stop aging, his glamour making him look to be in his forties or fifties pending if he let facial hair grow or not, which he rarely did, beyond the stubble that was noticeably on his face and still is to this day.

The Hussite movement broke out during the fifteenth century and was primarily a religious, as well as national, manifestation that caused turmoil and battle across the land he’d called home for over a hundred years. The victory of Hus' was short lived as the foolish man preached against indulgences that lost him support of the king, he was expelled and then his death sparked the Hussite Wars. Wars that would rage for decades until the Bohemian estates took over in 1479.

During the conflict Gus had continued to practice his trade of farming, but he also indulged in his far more primal and deadly qualities. It wasn’t uncommon to find a farm house, the air and ground around it freezing with all the residents suspiciously missing. There wasn’t even a piece of hide or hair for which to tell authorities where they’d gone.

The only exceptions to this rule were the women that the frost giant would bed and breed with. Leaving a few of them scattered across the realm, that is now part of the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland today, that changed hands almost as much as he changed beds and towns. It wasn’t until the Dissolution in 1918 that he left the area and headed towards other places.

Leaving the Czech Republic in Central Europe and traveling through what is now Hungary, Romania, all the way through Germany, parts of Poland and the Netherlands before eventually settling again for a time in Denmark. He moved across the farmland until the early 1900’s. He'd begun to sport a beard at this time, hired on to tend to a family's cows he did more than tend to the cows. Finding himself willingly between the thighs of Lisbet Solberg, Gus found her of suitable stock to breed with and he left her alive and well, but four months pregnant when she left her homeland of Denmark and headed towards the New World.

The prospect to follow was tempting, not because he found himself smitten with the woman, but because he was curious what the Americas had in store for him. He opted not to, instead traveling to Norway and Sweden, learning the languages and eating on those that annoyed him more than most. He thought little of humans, save for food and sex, werewolves were canine and pets, not meant to rule and inferior, even most fae he thought little of thinking himself and his kind above the rest of the world in superiority. The one exception to this rule was vampires, this subset of supernatural most aligned to his way of living.

From the 1850 and on Augustus as he went by around vampires and Gus around the sheep he was soon to eat, became a fae garbage disposal for the local seethes around him. It kept him from raising the ire of locals and helped the vampires dispose of unwanted or needed sheep that would otherwise become broken fledglings and needed to be put down anyways. It was a lucrative living. His stomach rarely empty and his pockets always lined with cash from whatever seethe was currently employing him.

He was helping out the local seethe in Denmark when a pretty brunette showed up on his doorstep one evening. It turned out that changeling was his daughter, the offspring of his tryst with Lisbet all those decades ago. He was momentarily pleased, that his offspring had survived, but once he learned of her affinity for feeding people and cooking instead of eating her customers he grew enraged and sought to teach the foolish child a lesson. He tore flesh from her shoulder, side, and was close to killing her when he stopped and realized that he might very well be ending the only lineage he had.

It was improbable but that moment of hesitation gave him the time needed to get control of his rage and he instead left, leaving his daughter, Theodora Solberg, for dead but assuming she’d survive. They were hardy stock after all, giants within the fae world. Which made it sting all that more when Fae went public in 1986 and Jotun as a whole were forced to remain in the shadows. He was now in Texas, the state with the largest Czech American population, but his accent – oddly more British than Czech, made him stand out and so he moved. Gus left in his wake some very satisfied seethes as he cleaned out their cellars and dungeons of unwanted sheep all the way to Washington State.

He was in Settle when news reached him of three seethes in neighboring cities. The potential of so much food and profit at hand, he packed up and moved to the Tri-Cities, settling into Pasco in townhouse that he rarely leaves save to go to the local seethes to collect payment or a new bite to eat.

Rose. CST. Fy, Fa and Fum

Jotun Lore
 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 07:58 PM
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