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 Hephaestus Egan Lakkas, Leeloo, Fae (Cerberus), Gaspard Ulliel
Hephaestus Lakkas
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 01:32 PM
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— Family Ties —

Hephaestus Egan Lakkas
Phae, TusTus, Heph
750 (32)
Athens, Greece
Fae (Cerebus)
Gaspard Ulliel
distinguishing features.
In his human form Hephaestus is a very tall man, standing at about 7’2” when glamoured. He’s always liked being large and in charge and his human form, it makes him feel safe and less likely to be collared again. His hair can range from very fluffy and, well big, to sleek and pinned down. He likes control and his appearance always shows that. Nothing is ever off about him, his clothing is always impeccable, usually in a very dark color or black. Even down to his seemingly unkempt beard, everything is planned, everything is taken care of, right down to the last detail. His light brown hair is usually brushed into submission, every strand looking exactly the way he wants it. Usually his eyes are a striking light blue, though they do change with his mood. He tries very hard to keep it to just getting darker or lighter, much like the humans, but sometimes it’s hard, like when he’s feeling so happy his eyes just gleam a bright sunshine yellow. Or when he’s so jealous his eyes almost glow a deep jade green. His skin is light for being around Greeks for the majority of his life, but he’s ok with that, he thoroughly enjoys the European look much more.

As for his true form, Hephaestus is a sight to behold. His fur is close to his glamoured hair color, a milk chocolate color. The four heads each have a different color: a deep maroon for rage, sea blue for his main head, a lovely lavender for love and a light ash grey for grief. With intensity of emotions comes how intense his eyes glow, usually each head glowing stronger with the dominant emotion of the head. His claws and socks markings are pitch black, matching the markings around his eyes, lips and tips of his ears.

Heph is, well, an interesting man. He loves the frilly things in life and has no problem showing it. He loves shiny things in particular, jewelry is his absolute favorite thing in the world. Fine jewelry is a weakness of his, he enjoys finding priceless jewels and precious metals that work well together, even if other people wouldn’t think of it. Exploration at its finest, he would say. Speaking of exploration, he loves exploring, never leaving enough time to keep any sort of roots in one place or another, a throw back from when he was collared to his family for such a long time. He gets restless once he’s established a store or two in an area only to flit off to the next. He is very intense when it comes to starting up a project, he wants everything done right and will take all of the precautions to make sure every single person and every single detail is in place when he leaves the shop in the right hands.

You could say he’s meticulous, almost to a fault. He loves everything being in order and usually has no problem manipulating things to get where he sees they should be in the long run. In his private life Heph will happily protect who he loves, being true to his nature as a Cerberus. Usually it’s his mate that he’s been particularly protective of for the past century or so, keeping her close while he works and happily provides for them. He guards her with a ferocity that would rival any other of his kind. He usually guards his shops, when he’s there establishing them, at night in his true form, patrolling and glamouring himself to look just like a very large dog. There are precious things in there, after all! But nothing is worth protecting like the ones he holds dear, once they prove that they are worth his time and effort of course.

Hephaestus was born to parents who were collared in Greece, to the Lakkas family. They weren’t a rich or powerful family, but they were large enough and with enough good farming land that they had searched for a pair of Cerberus generations ago to protect what was theirs. The family allowed him to grow for a couple of years, his parents content to protect the family that they had been chosen by so long ago, and then collared him. Hephaestus accepted it for a little while, thinking it was one of those things that he would be able to choose to protect, after all they had treated him well enough. But when he learned that he was stuck with this family forever he raged and raged, and raged some more. He was not ok with this at all, it disrupted his sense of order and for the entirety of his first century of life he was the dangerous dog on the property that scared the living piss out of any intruder that dared step foot onto his land. It came as no surprise that when his century mark hit his second head came, snarling with eyes darker than blood.

Over the centuries he had only the second head to watch his family slowly dwindle while others seemed to thrive. He had grown to accept the fact that he was not going to leave them, hell he had even grown attached to them in some respects. Ok, much more than just some what attached, he had grown to love the stumpy little things. He enjoyed looking after the pups when they were little, loved helping them grow into grown adults and grieved over them when they died. The family never had a large line of children, they were more focused on keeping their land healthy and usually hired on other families to keep the land growing. He watched the family grow and grow its farm, but produce less and less pups. Until the one and only man was left, he was an only child and he never wanted children, preferring to keep his mind and efforts on the farmland his family had kept for so long.

But he passed, leaving the farm to his faithful protectors, Hephaestus’ parents. They had guarded everything for so long that it felt right, but with his passing Hephaestus and his parents all gained another head: greif for the passing of the family and last link to the chain that had kept them to Greece for so long. So Hephaestus took off, he didn’t want to deal with the mourning process that his parents were going through on top of maintaining a human form for so long. He wanted to wander, so wander he did. He was alone for only a few decades, picking up little things here and there to guard to maintain his need to protect something, until he met a new little thing that had just gained her second head: Genevieve. He recognized a kindred going through what he had been through and decided that he was going to tag around with her for a while, much to her displeasure.

He hung around her for a while, he wanted to make sure she was ok after what had happened, he never really pressed the issue too much. But he had other things to do, things that caught his attention one night and he decided to go pursue it. And he did, he had such a grand time, always meaning to write the little pup he had given so much attention and time to, but never really getting around to it, he had found a passion in life and he was going to keep it going. Until she showed up about a decade later, much to his surprise! She had given him the riot act, in his first shop none the less, and after that he realized he had found a permanent companion, one that he had just left. Of course he felt terrible, he had to go and gain her favor back, he needed that little pup in his life as much as she needed him in her life.

They kept spending time together, he started falling for the little she Cerb not to long after she found him, but it wasn’t too many decades after that he was completely in love with her, gaining his third extra head, lilac eyes and all for his love of this little thing that had gone across the ocean to America to find him and read him the riot act. All because he left her, something he would never do again.

He playfully hid the reason for his fourth head from his little pup, just letting her seethe until she accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to tell him. He did notice that she had gotten much easier to deal with, much of her anger seemed to lessen while they traveled together, she seemed much more content with him. And Hephaestus was all the more content to keep her by his side, especially when he saw her gain her latest head in the 70s, the summer of love. He was so happy that she finally realized it and was all the better of a mate for it.

They kept traveling, picking up hobbies and stores along the way. Hephaestus learned how to be a professional photographer so he could have more control over his fashion line, and just kept going and going until the duo came to the Tri Cities to see what adventures happen next.

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 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 07:20 PM
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