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 Xandria Kersey, Rose | Fae (Kelpie) | Jordana Brewster
Xandria Kersey
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 12:31 AM
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148 years old
And alone I will wander. Through the dark, dark water. Until I collect every shattered piece. Of my broken heart. And wait for a reason to exist again.
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— Richland Citizen - Kelpie —

Xandria Kersey
Fallen angels at my feet Whispered voices at my ear Death before my eyes Lying next to me I fear She beckons me Shall I give in
Ria or Xan
Darién, Panama
Fae (Kelpie)
Jordana Brewster
distinguishing features.
Glamour: While rare it is not impossible to have one of her kind appear as a woman. She keeps as true to her natural form as possible. Standing at a lengthy 5'7" without heels, Ria’s hair is long as if a mane in its own right and dark brown nearly black. Her skin is an olive complexion likely a tribute to her heritage and birth place, unblemished or flawed. In this form her eyes are glamoured a dark brown. She is lanky, mostly legs but with just enough curve to appeal to man and woman alike. Which is good considering what her appetite was for so many years, and still is when the mood strikes.

She often dresses in blacks; it hides the blood better, and leather. This is likely due to one of her hobbies that don’t involve luring women and children to their death. Her hair is often loose and well beneath her shoulders, falling to mid-back unrestricted. She has no tattoos or piercings though she is known to wear a lot of silver jewelry when she decides to do such things.

MurderMare: The first thing you notice when the first layer of glamour fades away is the near oily black Xandria appears. She often wears a bridle of crimson, with a black leather saddle with crimson etching on it in this deceptive appearance. She is a large horse, Friesian, in body shape and size; one would think it so until the second layer is peeled away.

Her hooves show naturally reversed her mane is wavy and in certain light appears as if it might possess snakes. Eyes of dark brown flare to crimson red, and fangs appear from a predatory like maw. Onyx pelt is as sticky as the substance she appears to mimic. It captures her would be prey and keeps them from pulling away as she drags them to the water graves. If she’s wearing a saddle she often means no harm, but if she appears to want you to ride bareback beware. She smells of the ocean after a tropical rainstorm. Salty likely due to her birth along the Caribbean Sea.

Independent. You don’t become an orphan at sixteen without learning to care for yourself. The one time she let someone in she spent over two decades in forced servitude. A woman that changes into a murder-mare you’d think her swift in her kills and with children she usually is, but there is a very feline and predatory desire to play with her food. She likes to scent the fear, to see the trembling whites of her prey as they realize they can’t get away from her sticky death glue. She has a habit of disliking males over females, and will easily choose to eat a male over any other should the choice be given, but she’ll eat whomever the fates place upon her shoreline and within her song’s grasp.

Yet despite all this aloof and withdrawnness there is a small part of her that seeks comfort. Be that of the flesh or simply someone to talk to that she doesn’t have to eat directly after. She hasn’t found anyone to trust, and trust is hard fought, but once won it is so worth the reward. Xandria hasn’t had anyone significant in her life since the baritone singer who captured her all those years ago and bid her to do his will.

She’s fluent in Spanish, English, and French. Her hobbies revolve around singing in dive bars or piano lounges and riding her motorcycle. Due to her status as hidden/private fae she can’t run on four limbs and so she settles for a race among the streets on two wheels instead. Her vehicle of choice is a red 1983 Moto Guzzi V65 motorcycle with black leather and black accents.

Born 1870 in La Palma, Darién – Panama. Her mother was a native Panamanian and her father a fae that hailed from across the pound though his exact birthright was never known. Her father, like herself was a Kelpie. He’d sang, an opera song, most alluring and entrapped her mother but instead of dragging her into the depths of the marshy Darién Gap he laid with her and the two created a child. Xandria was the only child of the pair and despite her father’s tendencies her childhood was one of love and laughter.

That changed when construction on the Panama Canal actually began in 1881. The influx of Frenchmen made for easy pickings, many deaths were never correctly accounted for the likes of her father and over time herself, but there were those who realized there was more in the marshland than disease. One such man had encountered werewolves and always carried silver bullets in his gun. When she was but twelve years old her father was fallen by such a bullet, square between crimson red eyes.

Her mother was devastated and Ria tried to help her but eventually the woman, her mother, died of a broken heart. By the age of sixteen she was alone in the world. She wandered the area. Consuming children, men, and women as needed. Her favorite delicacy turned into men, she liked Frenchmen most, having been raised on them from a young age, but she’d settle for any man. She’d literally become a man eater. Of course she wasn’t too picky, naughty children, snobby women, even the elderly were lured to the depths by her song.

There were rumors that circulated that a mermaid or siren was killing the natives, so few had ever seen her natural state and survived. In fact none had until a trip into Columbia had her meeting a marvelous man. He was a singer, like her father had been before, and she was instantly and against better judgement smitten. She went to his shows; she sat in front of the stage and admired him for weeks and months, until they connected on a more personal level. He was an excellent and talented bass baritone, but when she finally came clean about what she was, appearing before him as the black mare with bridle and saddle he used that power against her.

It turned out her human baritone was the son of a powerful black witch who’d educated the man on what her kind was. He’d simply not been sure because until that time so many of the tales spoke of male kelpie instead of female in glamour form. She spent most of the first portion of the 1900’s a servant to her once boyfriend turned master. In that time he raised in popularity a majority of his would be competition dying from mysterious drownings if their bodies were ever found at all. When she turned eighty she got a birthday gift…her former lover turned master died. The year was 1950.

Needing a change she headed north into the United States, settling in Florida. The marshes were perfect and at least there were other things to eat when in 1986 the fae came forward to the public. At least some of them did, her kind weren’t allowed – murdermares weren’t really the friendliest looking and considering her appetite for human flesh it was understandable. She turned to eating Florida gators or the lost tourist that came to close to the shore. She often hunted near dusk when gators often hunted too and it worked for a while.

Then the year of 2004 happened and hurricane after hurricane battered the Florida coastline her chosen prey went further inland and the actual wildlife sought refuge. She moved to California after that. A land of beach babes and surfer dudes she had to pick her prey more carefully but she was attractive in her glamour and combined with her singing she ate well but where once her meals were daily or weekly they became monthly and sometimes even longer. She couldn’t eat gators anymore as she’d down on the east coast and instead began to prey on other fae when able or an innocent harbor seal and the occasional dolphin.

She shied away from commitment, having learned her lesson, but did take to bed a few men and some women. She didn’t care the gender as much as she cared for what lay beneath the shell. It was always a few one night stands or a month then ghosted, usually on her account but occasionally the roles were reversed. This continued until the area became suspicious and she moved on. She traveled through California veering into Nevada, then upwards again and back into Cali before stopping in Oregon for a year, then finally entering into Washington in 2017. She stayed in Seattle for most of that year then in early 2018 moved a little further inland.

She followed interstate 90 until she landed in Richland and took up to hunting and stalking prey in and around the Delta and along the Columbia River or Yakima River. Who knows who’ll become prey next or love will finally win a spot in Ria’s heart. Only time will tell, one song and watery meal at a time…

Rose. CST. Rain Drops
Kelpie Lore
 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 02:20 PM
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Too old for this shit years old
Who even goddamn knows
Annoying you!
Words, words, words...
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