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Posted by: Hound May 4 2014, 05:08 PM
This is where we will list any limitations currently in place and their reasoning. Sometimes limitations are needed and others are canon.

Female wolves are rare as women tend to not survive the change as well as men do. Female wolves are in a 1:2 ratio. One female wolf for every two male wolves. Each player may starts with 1 female werewolf available for play. Other slots may be purchased from the shop, given as rewards or prizes or by other people.

Werewolves should be 400 years old, or less.

Walkers live to the same average lifespan of a human (~70 years.).

Fae should be 800 years old, or less.

Vampires should be 800 years old, or less.

Ranked characters
Group A Ranks include: Alpha, Omega, Master/Mistress, Elder
Group B Ranks include: Pack seconds and thirds, Seethe enforcers, clan acolytes
Group C ranks are special characters.

Group A: Only 1 per player.

Group B: Only 1 per player. An individual may hold a Group A and a Group B ranking, but not within the same pack or seethe.

Group C characters are unique at creation. Only 1 per player. This does not prevent the character from holding another rank. These characters may not be your first character. (You must be a member with an approved character for ~3 weeks before you can apply for a class C character.)

For more information about ranks and requirements to obtain/keep one please see

Exceptions to some limitations may be granted as awards for contests or site events. These will be announced in advance. The available may also provide another way to obtain limited creations.

Posted by: Rune Dec 14 2014, 12:53 AM
Not Allowed
Things you cannot roll.

Demons - This includes succubi, incubi and the like.



Djinn - Genies

Dragons - Drakes, half dragons, etc.

Gods - For obvious reasons.

Hybrids - No half vampire/werewolves. An individual can be half fae/human, however. They cannot have half the powers of two species. Things just don't work that way. No half walker, half witch, etc. You either are, or you are not.

Wolf walkers - Werewolves or nothin'!

Horse walkers

Jaguar walkers - Or lions. North American animals or nothing.

Thunderbird walkers

Insect, aquatic walkers - This includes fish, dolphins, whales, etc.

Multiple Personalities - Schizophrenia, or anything similar.

Real World People - No Jesse James or Jack the Rippers.

Raised by animals - No character, regardless of species, may have been raised by animals.

Playing an animal - We are not an animal RP site. Though our characters may take animal forms, they are not animals.

This list can and will be updated without warning.

Posted by: Rune Feb 5 2015, 04:34 PM
Temporary Bans
Only banned for a little bit

Vampires not belonging to a Seethe.

New fae species that involve death and souls.

Posted by: Rune Feb 5 2015, 04:35 PM
Discouraged Names
We've got a few of these...

Alistair and its variations.
Quinn - Quinton, etc
Rose and its variations
Sam and its variations
Dominic and its variations
Alexandra/Alexander - Xandra, Xander, etc

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