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 Relationship Claim
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 03:04 AM
Rune is Offline.
Infinite years old
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
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— Loremaster —

This specific claim operates a bit differently from the others. Unlike the others, where you copy/paste a code and fill it out accordingly, this one is entirely dependent on you. You will post your own list, you will maintain your own list and you will be in charge of how it is displayed, how you phrase things, etc.

This claim is for romantic/sexual relationships. If your character is involved with anyone, this is the place you would put it. If your character is single or looking for a specific sort of relationship, this is where you would put it. How you organize everything is entirely up to you and, because of that, every post will vary in appearance.

All we ask is that you:
  • Post from your OOC account if you have one.*
  • Do not use premade templates.
* If you do not have an OOC account, you should post from your parent account. The account you are logged into most and is best to recieve PMs on.

Staff will edit any details they feel are inappropriate and will only delete listings when that individual misses an AC or if it is requested. Otherwise, your post is yours to edit/maintain.

Obviously, it is expected that both parties have agreed to the relationship and it is not recommended that you post a relationship without clearing the specifics with your partner(s). Any listings that result in arguments for any reason will be removed.
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 03:04 AM
Rune is Offline.
Infinite years old
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
Awards: 48

— Loremaster —

Mated/Married/Engaged/Longterm relationship
Anderson Craft is mated to Dalila Quindos y Quiroga.
Cain Boone is engaged to Elisa Moonstar.
Claude Von Wald is engaged to Sienna Tennison.
Eira Applegate is mated to Arrick Christianson.
Jasper Morning Star is involved with people.
Locke Sinclair is engaged and mated to Danielle Adair.
Oscar Nickels is mated to Jefferson Casey.
Winter Payne is engaged to Alastar Mac Maghnuis.
Xavier Seaworth is mated to Theo Calhoun-Shield

Dating or otherwise involved
Abel Bishop is dating Dominik Cazdobal.
Amos Argyris is dating to Atticus Barclay.
Barabbas Rowlings is dating Alicia Dunham.
Beryl Greene is dating to Benjamin Hunt.
Dmitri Frost is dating Amalia Tedesco
Elizabeth Holiday is dating to Ezekiel Tannen.
Evander Beck is dating Thomas Seaworth.
Graham Hightower is kind of dating Maggie Whitmore.
Janus Blackwood is courting Ysabal Vidal.
Juniper Fairchild is dating Tiberius Hendry.
Lysander LaRoux is dating Lorelei LaRoux.
Max North is dating Kaywinn Banks.
Nicholas Seaworth is dating to Ruby Ortega
Octavius Whittaker is dating Callum O'doherty.
Rhys Valiant is dating Olivia Richards.
Tariq El-Hasheem is dating Zinoviy Rosenthall.
Ulysses Stillwater is dating to Violet Evans

Open relationships
Tag Toller is in an open relationship with Avalon Hale. (Hetero)
Rueben L'Amour is in an open relationship to many people. (Hetero)

]Promised but not yet involved.
Enoch Silk is promised to Samayl Wintergold.
Hawthorne Hobbs is promised to Augustine Dairine.
Jax Ayaka is promised to Josephine Grimm.
Keiji Uyeda is promised to Declan Hayes.
Kincaid Knute is promised to Kylee Kearney and Jameson McTavish
Logan Creed is promised to Hayden Luthor
Maddox Flowers is promised to Autumn Young.
Noel Christmas is promised to Danica somethingorother
Opal Barnhart is promised to Aerona
Rhett Shield is promised to Kalyn
Valentine Harper is promised to Gemma Kingsley
Wren Drinkwine is promised to MacKenzie Anderson.

Potentially claimed
Aspen Brodie is single (hetero)
Brynn Butler is single (hetero) (Potentially promised)
Clayton Seaworth is single (Hetero) (potentially promised)
Dirk Deadman is single (Homo)
Flint Steele issingle (Hetero)
Ivy Caldwell is single (hetero) and promised
June Hoshino is single (hetero)
Mikhail Leonov is single and confused by Malachai.
Murdock Marlowe is single and attempting to seduce ????
Rathbone Redford is single. (hetero)
Sage Kingston is single (Hetero)
Salazar McLaughlin is single
Thaddeus Thygesen is single (hetero?)


Beauregard St James is single (aesexual/hetero?)
Caspian Gray is single (Aesexual)
Cyrus Talbot is single. (Hetero?)
Fern Rodgers is single (Hetero) (Maybe promised_
Fynnegan Moore is single and casually involved with people. (Homo)
Inali Blackstone is single (hetero)
Killian O'Rinn is single.
Mathias Roane is single (Hetero) (Maybe promised)
Nicodemus Delgado is single (homo) (Maybe promised)
Oliver Norwood is single (hetero)
Quinn Stone is single (bi)
Renauld Groves is a widower (hetero) (Maybe promised.)
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 04:02 AM
Kit is Offline.
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— Delicious Staff Kitten —

Mated/Married/Engaged/Long term relationship

Áine O'Sullivan is engaged to Aiden Kane
Dalila Quindos y Quiroga is mated to Anderson Craft
Etienne Delacroix is married to Juliet Delacroix
Kitonwy Morgan is engaged to Luka Knight.
Thomas Seaworth is engaged to Evander Beck

Dating or otherwise involved

Ezekiel Tannen is tentatively courting Elizabeth Holiday
Glenn Frihert is dating Iona Sutherland
Isolde Sutherland is hate-fucking Shamus Doran
Maeve Dairine is dating Kilune Knight
Nathaniel Wise is dating Rileigh Guthrie
Noelle Byrne is dating Alexei Volkov
Olivia Richards is dating Rhys Valiant
Phoebe James is making out with Victoria Ainsely
Vivian Straford is involved with Alexis Barnes
Yvette Steiner is dating to Jackson Wade

Open relationships

Delaware Vixen is friends with benefits with Thatcher Irving (pansexual)
Rosalia Parisi is casually involved with people, including Aylan Durante (pansexual)

Promised but not yet involved.

Amber Schwan is promised to Bowen Vitalis
Autumn Warren is promised to Jakob McIntyre
Artemis Ashcroft is promised to Lucca Maestri
Ava Sylvain is promised to Samuel Tucker
Clover Hartigan is potentially promised to Faustus Cicero
Deirdre Beckitt is potentially promised to Alan Graves
Drake Riley is potentially promised to Sonja Applegate
Elspeth Breckenridge is promised to Brian McQuaid
Evelyn Romany is promised to Ambrose Matthews
Jared Braddock is friends but not really with Rebecca Knox
Josephine Grimm is promised to Jax Ayaka
Joy Christmas is promised Tyr Beckett
Lucinda Swann is promised to Lucian Romanov
Megara Argyris is in an arranged marriage with Vance O'Leary
Persephone Valesti is potentially promised to Fawn Faye
Rinnisey Greenleaf is promised to Yukio Moore.
Selene Connelley is widowed and promised to Rune
Simone Laurent is promised to Russell Aldbright
Terra Saxon is promised to Milo Mercer


Heather Hart is ...something with Ayerius Pierce


Alistair Lockhart is single (bi)
Beatrix Nightingale is single and not looking (but I am gimme) (heterosexual)
Cecilia Deckart is single (demisexual)
Celeste Carpenter is single (hetero-curious)
Dorothy Modisette is single and soon to be a sheep (heterosexual?)
Felicity Valmont is single (bi)
Godwin Valentine is single (pansexual)
Guinevere Hase is widowed (pansexual)
Kasumi Maruyama is single (uncertain)
Lilith Beckett is single (asexual, up for a nonsexual relationship or poly as a nonsexual partner)
Penelope Keating is widowed (Heterosexual)
Rowan Brodie is single (hetero-ish?)
Russell Forscythe is single (Hetero, mostly)
Sparrow Maxwell is single and blushy around Valerius and celibate (hetero)
Wisteria Dairine is single (Hetero? Sexual submissive, casually involved with people)
Zelda Sutherland is single and heartbroken (demisexual, male preference)
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 04:41 AM
Aerona is Offline.
29 years old
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"Music is the only thing that makes sense anymore, you play it loud enough, it keeps the demons at bay"
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— Wow. Such Staff. Many Moderating. —

Mated/Married/Engaged/Longterm relationship
Aiden Kane is Engaged to Aine O'Sullivan.
Aylan Durante is Married to Gabriel Durante and Dating Rosalia Parisi. (Open to other ladies)
Finley Patel is Engaged and Knocked up by Lachlan Taggerty.
Grayson Walker is Married to Avery Walker.
Jude Dairine is Mated and Married to Zoe Dairine.
Kylee Kearney is Married to Jameson McTavish and Fooling Around with Kincaid Knute.
Lawrence Voss is Mated and Married to Alex Forstner.
Luka Knight is Engaged to Kitonwy Morgan.
Maiara Mikhailovich is Married to Ubysh Mikhailovich.
Nikolai Collier is in a Committed Relationship With Jasper Morning Star and Cohen Rasmussen.
Rane Shannon is Married to Lorcan Shannon.
Reagan Calhoun is Mated and Married to Fergus Calhoun.
Taima Taylor is Married to Sabine Taylor.
Zakuro Stanton is Married to Omeri Stanton and technically still Married to Lazarus Smith.
Ziva Hendrix is Dating and knocked up by Tetsuya Matsumae.

Dating or otherwise involved
Aramis Inglewood is Falling Hard for Tristan Archer.
Balthazar Mclaughlin is Trying to Mate Presley Sommerset.
Calliope Finch is Very confused feeling and knocked up by Johnathan Brown.
Cayenne Sylvain is Feeling Odd Things For Francis Kessler.
Cosette Cambry Can never forget Vernon Harper.
Elise Laurent is Dating Whitney Parker.
Elsa Hyatt is Dating Markeus Hyatt.
Haden Luthor is Crushing On Logan Creed.
Itsuka Hoshino is Dating Kai Polk.
Kilune Knight is Dating Maeve Dairine.
Lorelei LaRoux is Dating Lysander LaRoux.
Micah Alexander is Gonna Date Orlando O'brien.
Michelle Gavin is Dating Zefram Winston.
Orion Faire is Annoying Dominic Fox.
Rohan Matthews is Starting to Fall for Citrine Fairbanks.
Savannah Keller is Doubting Herself With Abraham Kaufman.
Tiberius Hendry is Properly Dating Juniper Fairchild.
Trinity Grant is Dating Addelyn Giles.
Uriah Durham is Courting Amanda Breedlove.
Xandra Steele is Head Over Heels for Lindsey Campbell.
Zinoviy Rosenthal Likes Holding hands with Tariq El-Hasheem.

Open relationships
Ayerius Pierce is in Something with Heather Heart. (Pan)
Temperance Wallace is Part of the Pony Harem with
Thatcher Irving is in a Friends With Benefits with Delaware Vixen. (Bi)

Promised but not yet involved.
Bowen Vitalis is Promised to Amber Scwan.
Connor Seaworth is Promised to Sawyer Dawson.
Danica LaBeau is Promised to Noel Christmas.
Darach Seaworth is Promised to Julian Forester.
Elric Havers is Promised to Mirem DeLuca.
Emerson Jackson is Promised to Conleth Kelly.
Fiona Campbell is Promised to Jenn.
Jaimie Forester is Promised to Gideon Price.
Kelysia Evers is Promised to Corey Mann.
Leopold Trask is Promised to Breakfast.
Scarlett Cohen is Promised to Dom.
Theron Ingram is Promised Elsinore Atkinson.
Vance O'Leary is in an Arranged Engagement with Megara Argyris.
Victoria Ainsley is Trying to bang Phoebe James, while looking for someone(virgin) to father a child.
Wyatt Wesson is Promised to Opal Barnhart.
Yukio Moore is Promised to Rinnisey Greenleaf.

Bailey Quinn is Single and Grieving hard (Bisexual)
Carlisle Preston is Single (gay)
Cassius Damarion is Single (pan)
Charlie Rutherford is Single (Heteroquestionable) and banging Ignacio.
Daniel Murdock is Single (hetero)
Demian LaGrande is Single (bi)
Elysion Knight is Single and not looking (Pan) but I am! Give!
Hazel Vasile is Single (bi)
Jasmine Nakahara is Single (Unknown)
Keegan Delaney is Single (bi)
Natalya Frost is Single (hetero)
Piper Carson is Single (Pan)
Rhiannon Monroe is Single (Pansexual)
Quade Lawson is Single (Pan)
Tobias Hudson is Single. (Bi)
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 01:09 PM
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World Domination
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— Sparkle Town —

Commited or Dating:
Arrick Christiansen (berserker) is mated to Eira Applegate
Augustine Dairine (wolf) is awkwardly dating Hawthorne Hobbs.
Benjamin Hunt is getting his mind blown by Beryl Green
Harrison Drinkwine is married to his want ad and most likely open
Iona Sutherland (Valkyrie) is dating to Glenn Frihert
James Carter is married to and hopelessly in love with Leila Carter
Jameson McTavish (Berserker) is married to and is still in love with Kylee Kearney and is invested in Kincaide Knute
Juliet Delacroix is married and promised to Etienne Delacroix
Kai Polk (human) is dating Itsuka Hoshino
Lachlan Taggerty (berserker) is engaged to Finley Patel
Maggie Whitmore (wolf) is weirdly dating with Graham Hightower
Morrigan Beckett (Valkyrie) is madly in love with Prudence Finch
Shamus Doran (wolf) is trying to mate Isolde Sutherland
Warrick Michaels (wolf) is dating Alicia Dunham and potentially involved with her and Barrabas Rawlings
Valerius Amatore (vampire) is involved with all of his sheep and Ayerius Pierce
Zacarias Costillo (Cait Sith) is madly in love with Isaiah Whitham

Alexei Volkov (wolf) is promised to Noelle Bryne
Ambrose Matthews (wolf) is promised to Evelyn Romany
Gemma Kingsley (Selkie) is Promised to Valentine Harper
Haylee Matthews (wolf) is promised to her want ad
Harmony Ibarra (unicorn) is promised to Rune and Rose
Jakob McIntyre (wolf) is potentially promised to Autumn Warren

Potentially Promised or Involved
Amara Seaworth (Bighorn Sheep) to Lacy Collins
Isla Cochran (Human) to Rathbone Redford
Konstantin Ivonov (Jotun) to Isis Mercier
Natalya Romanov (Vampire) to Eirikur Cederstrom
Owain Kendrick (Vampire) to Rowan Daniels
Tyr Beckett (Valkyrie) to Joy Christmas

Single and looking for trouble
Briar Thorne (Druid) is single and making eyes at Neil Blackwell
Bronwyn St. James (Nightmare) is single
Catriona Sutherland (Valkyrie) is single
Darius Vitalis (Cerberus) is single and potentially promised to Fiona Campbell
Estaban Argyris (wolf) is single
Fallon Iverson (gorgon) is single and eyeballing Abigail Brennan
Faustus Cicero (vampire) is single but potentially involved with Clover
Gunnar Erikson is single and devastated
Katya Volkov (wolf) is divorced and pining for her ex-mate
Lucian Romanov (vampire) is single but potentially promised
Madison Seaworth (wolf) is single but potentially promised to Natalya Frost
Marion Hightower (wolf) is single and potentially promised to Rune
Markus Campbell (wolf) is single
Merriweather Seaworth (wolf) is single and pining
Nyx Clement (human) is single and open
Phaedra Drakos (vampire) is single
Rhea Madoff (Wizard) is single
Roman Clearwater (Grizzly Bear) is single and open
Sonja Applegate (Berserker) is single and potentially promised
Soren Huges (telwyth teg) is Single
Xalvador Vega (Wizard) Is single
Wulfric Grimm (Werewolf) is single and not looking
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 02:10 PM
sasha is Offline.
29 years old
Awards: 13

— N/A —



MacKenzie Anderson is promised
Presley Sommerset is being stalked by promised to Balthazar Mclaughlin
Quinn Caitlyn (Hetero) is potentially promised

Dating/Interested/Involved with
Amanda Breedlove is being courted by Uriah Durham


Grace Ferguson (hetero)
Jason Haught (Hetero)
Justice Skye (Hetero)
Logan Dalton (Hetero)
Rebecca Knox (Hetero)
Samuel Tucker (hetero)
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 03:20 PM
Kalyn is Online.
24 years old
Awards: 16

— OCC Account —

Mated/Married/Engaged/Longterm relationship
Alastar Mac Maghnuis is engaged Winter Payne.
Avery Burke is engaged to Grayson Walker.
Brant Belrose is mated and married to Irving Belrose.
Cohen Rasmussen is deeply committed to Jasper Morning Star and Nikolai Collier
Sienna Tennison is engaged to Claude Van Wald
Theo Calhoun-Shield is mated to Xavier Seaworth

Dating or otherwise involved
Callum O'Doherty is dating Octavius Whittaker.
Ysabel Vidal is courting Janus Blackwood.
Atticus Barclay is dating Amos Argyris
Julian Forester is smitten with Darach Seaworth.
Violet Evans is dating Ulysses Stillwater
Jin Soo Choi is forever in love with Ryuu Yasuhira
Nina Vargas is dating Clay Seaworth

Promised but not yet involved.
Jack Norton promised to Rose
Thiago Del Leon is promised to Zane Wilson
Lev Sokoloff is promised to Rhett Shield
Conrad Tremblay is promised to Rune
Elianna Keating is promised to Tobias Seaworth

Keegan Berggren (Homosexual)
Coriander Faire (Homosexual)
Henry Doyle (Homosexual)
Hanbyul Tenenbaum (Homosexual)
Lucca Maestri (Pansexual)
Villem Lepik (Homosexual)
 Posted: Feb 1 2016, 09:10 PM
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Flight Medic/Firefighter LT
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Awards: 17

— -- —


Cole Greenway is Mate-to-be to Taryn Kearney
Tetsuya Matsumae is Dating and having a kid with Ziva Hendrix
Nathaniel Cooper is dating and mate-to be to DJ Gallager


Jackson Wade is Dating Yvette Steiner

Jakob Blackburn is Dating Paige Murdock
Lacy Collins is interested in Amara Seaworth
Alexis Barnes is Involved with Vivian Straford
Liam Westbrook is starting something with Eden Blake


Corey Mann is Promised to Kelysia Evers
Adelynn Giles is Promised to Trinity Grant
Raymond Stanley is Promised to Hallie Cassidy
Luke Christiansen is Promised to Salem DeLandre
Russell Aldridge is Promised to Simone Laurent
Reed Ethridge is Promised To Ursa Domhnaill
Virginia Duke is Promised (bi) to Yasmin Hanson


Gerhardt Leitner is Single
Ekaterina Sokolova is Single but interested in a certain she-wolf (pan)
Alan Graves is Single (Hetero-polyamorous)
Nadi Maraj is Single(pan) potentially promised
Abigail Brennan is SIngle(pan), potentially promised to Fallon Iverson
Sarah Preston is Single(bi)
Eryn Lindsey is Single(pan-poly)
Melanie Langdon is Single(bi)
Fiona Breckenridge is Single(bi)
Safiya Karim is Single (pan) with possible final in wanteds.
 Posted: Jun 24 2016, 02:48 PM
Dee is Offline.
Old years old
It's Complicated
Annoying People
Slightly Off My Rocker...
Awards: 7

— -4- —

None yet

Amalia Tedesco is Dating Dmitri FrostRune
Raegan Clearwater is Dating Roland Strong(Rose)

Ezra Thacker Olive Cox(Rune)
Valerie Stevens - Maksim Volkov(Rose)
Constance Westbrook - Pytor Petrov(Rose)
Sawyer Dawson(H) - Connor Seaworth(Aero)
Kailey Leventis(H) - Corbin Jameson(Rose)

Willow Sylva(H)
Keira Hatathli(H)
Liberty Monroe(H)

Possibilities in Progress
Rowan Daniels to Owain Kendrick(Jenn)
 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 03:51 PM
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— Member —


Kaywinn Banks is going out with Max North (Rune).
Isaiah Whitham is madly in love with Zacarias Castillo (Jenn).
Desmond Steiner is building a better life with Tatsunari Shintaro (Dom).
Cynara Malloy belongs to Dio Otero (Dom).
Damarion Acevedo is feeding and infatuated with Jayventar Sobek (Dom).
Elodie Gauthier is courting/being courted by Pocano De Saint-Pierre (Dom).

Allisande O'Malley is promised to Dom.
Mokihi Visser is promised, tentatively, to Kingston Wycombe (Dom) and Arik Zale (Rose).

Dante Vasquez is tentatively getting his coils around Jyderin De Mosse (Dom).
Ciana Chase is making a deal with Cadwallen Demontenegro (Dom).


Marco Westburg is single and god help you if you want him.. (Bi)
Kaisa Thygesen is single and widowed but available. (Het)
Ruvon Trevedic is single and available. (Demi)
Tristan Riley is single. (Hom)
 Posted: Dec 1 2016, 04:04 PM
bro is Online.
22 years old
Software Engineer
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Awards: 16

— Member —

Longterm relationships:

Jefferson Casey is mated to and will never let anyone else touch Oscar Nickels



Adam Smith is super not interested, but you can give it a shot. Good luck.

Andrew Levi is struggling with his sexuality and will refuse the cuddles he so desperately needs.

Ethan Chevon is single and ready to run and hide at the first sign of affection in case it is a careful ruse to lure him into a false sense of security mingle.
 Posted: Dec 19 2016, 11:24 PM
Dom is Offline.
34 years old
Dishwasher / Author
Why we can't have nice things >.<
Awards: 13

— ------- —

Mated/Married/Otherwise Off-The-Market:
[Werewolf] Omeri Stanton (Bi/Poly) is married to Zakuro Stanton (Aerona) and adjusting to a poly relationship with Lazarus Smith (Rune).
[Werewolf (C-Age, 900+)] Vicente Garza (Navarro) (Bisexual-Male Pref/Demi-Relationship) is Mated to Miguel Garza (Rose). (Engaged as well!)
[Werewolf] Dio Otero (Demi-relationship/Pan, Dominant) has put a ring on Cynara Malloy (Rii), and is considering marriage down the road.
[Fae (Naga)] Tatsunari Shintaro (Bisexual-No Pref) is pretty hopelessly serious with Desmond Steiner (Rii).
[Fae (Salamander)] Charlotte DeGuyot (Hetero) is destined to burn up Grigory Chaykovksy (Rose).

[Vampire] Jayventar Sobek (Demi-Relationship/Bi-Strong male Pref) is courting and feeding from Damarion Acevedo (Rii).
[Vampire] Bozidar Cazdobal (Homosexual/Bi-romantic, Blind) is You better step off before someone cuts you, with Daemon Burke (Ero) and Omen Keterotov (Dom).
[Vampire] Cedric Botolvur (True Bi, no pref) is 'This is my squishy, and he is a good squishy' with Kamoku ‘Aukai. (Rose)
[Vampire] Orion Savalas is dating and moved in with Ryan McQuaid (Rose).
[Vampire] Dominik Cazdobal (Pan/Strong male Pref) is seriously involved with Abel Bishop (Rune).
[Werewolf] Nazarius Giovanneli (Bi-Slight male Pref-Poly, Submissive) is has found his snugglemutt, Zander Burke (Ero) (but not his guitar picks).
[Werewolf] Altair Kashgari (Hetero/Demi-relationship) is completely smitten with Scarlett Cohen (Aerona).
[Fae (Minotaur)] Samayl Wintergold (Undecided) is pretty much caught with his hands in Enoch Silk's 'cookie jar'... (Rune).
[Vampire] Lilianai Araya (Hetero/Bi-romantic) is Hadoukening random wolves through walls with Ferdinand Seaworth (Kit).

[Vampire (C-Age, 2.2k+)] Cadwallen DeMontenegro (Undefined) is Single, but sleeps with his sheep when he needs attention (and only his sheep).
[Werewolf (C-Age, 800+)] Murphy Breckenridge (Bisexual-No Pref) is Single and generally not looking.
[Fae (Siren)] Kingston Wycombe (Bisexual, Male Pref) is Single, but talking to Arik Zale (Rose).
[Fae (Fossegrim)] Kjetil Steinbeck (Undecided/Undefined) is Single, but talking to Sage Kingston (Rune).
[Fae (Centaur)] Ignacio Carrasco (Bisexual-leans hetero during season, Mute) is Single.

It's Complicated:
[Fae (Naga)] Jyderin De Mosse (Homosexual) is talking snakes and serpents with Dante Vasquez (Rii).
[Fae (Naga)] Isis Mercier (Pansexual-Hetero Relationship) is falling pretty hard for her boss, Konstantin Ivanov (Jenn).
[Fae (Cambion)] Samir Nazari (Undecided) is super interested in Andrew Levi (Bro).
[Vampire (C-Age, 1200+)] Eirikur Cederstrom (Undefined) is Messing with Natalya Romanov (Jenn).
[Werewolf] Tymir Cazdobal (Bisexual, Strong Male Pref) is Single and Super Aggressive, Good Luck, and currently body-slamming Odion Barbosa (Rose).

[Werewolf] Tiodoro Konig (Demi/Pan) is hooking up with Dirk Deadman (Rune), and divorced from Fabian Blomkvist.
[Werewolf] Mortekai Quinonez (Undefined, Submissive, Deaf) is interested immensely in Mikhail Leonov (Rune).
[Werewolf] Julio "Coyote" Hernandez (Bisexual-No Pref) is talking to Allisande O'Malley (Rii).

[Fae (Jotun)] Wolfgang Sørensen (Bisexual-No Pref) is Single and not really looking. (Getting out of the Arena with Ivy Caldwell (Rune)).
[Werewolf] Sevket Petrosian (Bisexual) is Single. [Promised Spaghetti with Rune]
[Werewolf] Carmen Blackstock (Hetero) is Single and Grieving her lost partner. [Promised Spaghetti with Rune]

Inactive/Removing at next AC:
 Posted: Dec 26 2016, 02:04 AM
Rose is Online.
33 years old
Giant Wrangler
Even a Rose has Thorns
Awards: 9

— OOC Account —

Mated/Married/Engaged/Long-term/Off Market
Desiree Uris is engaged & someday mating to Elden Summers (Feather)
Irving Belrose is married/mated and forever grateful to Brant Belrose (Kalyn)
Leila Carter is married and forever devoted to James Carter (Jenn)
Miguel Garza is engaged and mated to Vicente Garza (Dom)

Dating or otherwise involved
Alicia Dunham is dating Warrick Michaels (Jenn) and kinda seeing Barabbas Rawlings (Rune) too
Grigory Chaykovksy is trying not to burn up with Charlotte Deguyot (Dom)
Kamoku ‘Aukai is seriously conflicted and in love with Cedric Botolvur (Dom)
Lavina Swanson is engaged and partner to Derek Pendergast (Kalyn)
Maksim Volkov is dating Kathleen Coleman (Jbyrd) but promised to Valerie Stevens (Dee)
Mirem De Luca is single and not looking for anyone because she’s still in love with Elric Havers (Aero).
Roland Strong is something something with Raegan Clearwater (Dee)
Ruby Ortega has been dating and worrying Nicholas Seaworth (Rune)
Ryan McQuaid is living with and exclusively banging Orion Savalas (Dom)
Ryuu Yasuhira is dating with the intent to marry Jin Soo Choi (Kalyn)

Open relationships
[Bi/Fae] Tyler Lockwood is causing trouble with Emilie McGregor (Feather)
Amalthea Haggarty is with Reuben L'Amour(Rune), Harmony Ibarra(Jenn) & Davina Ó Mordha(Jbyrd)

Single & Promised:
[Hetero/Werwolf] Adina Haswari is single and promised to David Levine (Medic)
[Hetero/Werewolf] Andre Volkov is single but yearning for Kathleen Coleman (Jbyrd)
[Bi/Fae] Arik Zale is single but potentially promised to Kingston Wycombe (Dom) & Mokihi Visser (Rii)
[Hetero/Fae] Brian McQuaid is single and potentially promised to Elspeth Breckenridge (Kit)
[Hetero/Werewolf] Chase Johnson single and promised to Isobelle Leblanc (Ara)
[Hetero/Human] Corbin Jameson single and promised to (Dee)
[Homo/Vampire] Fawn Faye is single and potentially promised to Persephone Valesti (Kit)
[Hetero/Werewolf] Jaxin Nielson is single and promised to June Hoshino (Rune)
[Hetero/Walker] Neil Blackwell is single and promised to Briar Thorne (Jenn)
[Hetero/Fae] Pytor Petrov is single and promised to Constance Westbrook (Dee)
[Bisexual/Fae] Sierra Shaw is single and potentially promised to Finnigan Dohert (Jbyrd)
[Hetero/Werewolf] Taylor Gallagher is single but getting rescued by Wolfram Klein (Rune)
[Hetero/Werewolf] Tobias Seaworth is single and promised to Elianna Keating (Kalyn)
[Bisexual/Vampire] Ulric Wolf single and promised to Emmet Gallagher (Ero)
[Hetero/Druid] Ursa Domhnaill is single and promised to Reed Ethridge (Medic)
[Homosexual/Fae] Wade Rathke is single and promised to Jack Norton (Kalyn)
[Homosexual/Fae] Yasmin Hanson is single and promised to Virginia Duke (Medic)
[Bisexual/Fae] Zane Wilson single and promised to Thiago Del Léon (Kalyn)

[Fluid/Fae] Estelle O'Callaghan is single and looking for distractions as she recovers from the Arena
[Unsure/Fae] Harlow Halifax is single and not looking but I am
[Demi/Werewolf] Odion Barbosa is single and picking fights with anyone who will let him
[Unsure/Fae] Owen Chevon is single and terrified to look
[Hetero/Werewolf] Paul McCoy is missing his marked mate but single
[BiCurious/Walker] Samantha Reed is broken but single
[Fluid/Vampire] Valentina Derose is single and too focused on her charities
 Posted: Jan 10 2017, 03:31 PM
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Elden the Wolf, Emilie the Cait, Declan the BlackDog, Sebastian the Pegasus
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— Minion Momma —

Elden Summers is dating Desiree Uris (Rose)

Open Relastionships
Emilie McGregor is friends with benefits with Tyler Lockwood (Rose)

Sebastian Shaw is Single and trying to save his daughter from the Arena

Promised but not yet claimed
Declan Hayes is Promised to Keiji Uyeda (Rune}
 Posted: Aug 24 2017, 02:03 PM
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Danielle Adair (human) is mated and engaged to Locke Sinclair
Elisa Boone(walker) is married to and mate-to-be of Caine Boone
Rileigh Guthrie(walker) is engaged to Nathaniel Wise
Taryn Kearney(valkyrie) is the mate-to-be of Cole Greenway
Zoe Dairine(human) is married and mated to Jude Dairine

DJ Gallager(human) is dating and mate-to-be of Nathaniel Cooper
Paige Murdock(berserker) is dating Jakob Blackburn

Autumn Young(walker) is promised to Maddox Flowers
Hallie Cassidy(vampire) is promised to her sire Raymond Stanley

Isobelle Leblanc(werewolf) is single and open to relationships
Shannon O'Connor(human) is single and open for plots though she'll think she doesn't have time.

Avalon Hale(white witch) is in an open relationship with Tag Toller
Eden Blake(silversmith) is starting something with Liam Westbrook
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