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 Samuel Scarus, Bro | Fae (Merman) | Julian Schratter
Samuel Scarus
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 11:28 PM
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270 (28) years old
Swim Instructor/Life Guard
'Cause this ship's going down all on account of the weather. Though we'll drown there's no need to frown, 'cause we're all going together
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Samuel Eventyr Scarus
The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.
28 (269)
North Carolina/Cayman Islands
Juluan Schratter
distinguishing features.

In his glamored form, Samuel stands at 6'1", with dark brown hair that he usually keeps longer on the top, and deep brown eyes. He is lanky, but deceptively well-muscled. He generally keep some stubble on his cheeks and chin, but can swing around to being smooth and baby-faced at the changing of the wind. His hair tends to be wild, either fresh out of the water or salt-swept. The best way to describe it would be 'beachy'.

His ears are pierced, but he generally leaves them without anything in unless he's going out for the night and wants to portray a certain look. What he can't take off to give a 'certain look' is the tattoo of a flintlock pistol in water on the side of his"upper thigh", that he got to remind him of his mother and of the pirates she liked to talk to him about.

Un-glamoured, Samuel has pale golden eyes that glow.His hair is long, down his back, and bright pink. His tail is a fantastic array of aqua blues, vivid yellows, and neon pinks. The scales are well defined aqua with pink between. It resembles that of a Queen Parrotfish. The fins on his arms and the webbing between his fingers are similarly colored, favoring the blue and yellow colors.


Samuel is a fun-loving kind of guy. That's the kindest way to describe him. More accurate would be "hedonistic". He likes to have fun, and is easy to amuse. In spite of his age, he still acts very much like a beach-going surfer boy, and is happy to have everyone believe that's all he is. He actively encourages it, in fact, by going surfing whenever the weather permits. He's a party guy who likes meeting new people and tends to assume the best of everyone he meets. If you're like him, you're immediately his best friend. If you're not, then as long as you respect him and what he likes to do, then you're "just a cool guy". He loves being in the water, naturally, and takes full advantage of any private beach he can find by stretching his fins. When he can't make it to salt water, he'll make do with fresh or pool water, though he will always complain about how it just isn't the same.

But, as is the nature of merfolk, he is also flighty and moody. He can turn on someone faster than the tide if he feels wronged, and will fight anyone who hurts someone he cares about. He will always speak his mind- even if it isn't always wise to do so. Some days he can go from being his usual happy-go-lucky self, to being crabby and grumpy and cold, but he usually comes back around to his usual nature.

Samuel can be a bit manipulative at times, using his merman talents to his advantage, and of course good old-fashioned charm. He wants what he wants, and he can go out of his way to get it. What he wants can be company, admiration, an audience, anything. He was willing to travel across the country and around the world for a good place to settle himself. Why stop now?


Samuel's mother was a mermaid. That was obvious. A gorgeous pink tail, and hair to match, and a voice that could kill, and probably had. She was a tropical one, sticking to the lovely warm waters of the Caribbean for most of the year, but in the summers she likes to explore north. And on one of those explorations, in the summer of 1747 on the coast of North Carolina, she met and seduced a handsome, swashbuckling werewolf. It was just a one-time thing, of course. A summer fling. He wasn't the first pirate she'd seduced, but he would be the last. She returned back to the tropics- the Cayman Islands- and in the spring, she gave birth to a boy.

He grew up there, with her, travelling north in the summer and south in the winter. He was taught all about being a mer-person, and the sailors his mother had sung to and drowned, and of pirates. But times were a'changing. Pirates were a thing of the past by then. And mer-people, practically relics themselves. So, he and his mother took to land in North Carolina. If his father was there, Samuel never saw him, and his mother never mentioned it. And he began to learn how to live life and blend in with the humans.

The American Revolution rolled around, and they tried their best to stay out of it. But there was only so much 'out of it' one could be when the whole country was at war, and ships blocked every harbor. Samuel was growing into an able-bodied young man, with an adventurous spirit, and he was eventually compelled to join the fray.

After the war, however, he knew that fighting on land wasn't what he wanted to do for a living. So, he joined the Navy instead. It gave him a way to be out at sea. To see more of the world. To explore again and to return to warmer waters. He bounced around as often as he could, to keep from being noticed too much and to keep himself out of the fighting. He and his mother moved further west as the opportunities came, and when the opportunity came to sail across the Pacific, he jumped for it.

In the 1850's, Samuel was there at the Opening to Japan, and he thought it was beautiful. The weather, the islands, the color, the water. It all reminded him of home, but in new and exciting ways. He wanted to stay forever. So he took to the water. It was a whole new ocean to explore, after all. Why not get the best view of it?

So, he did. And he stay there for quite some time, just admiring the plethora of islands, and the way the sun glinted off the water. When he got bored of that, he explored the world that way as well. A whole new side of the globe, somehow more watery than his own, all for him to explore. It made him feel like the pirates his mother had told him about. Just the sting of the salt air on his back, and the strength of no one but himself to rely on.

First around Asia, and into the Indian Ocean, then down, seeing all manner of other tropical creatures in the largest reef he'd ever seen. Back up and around, along every coast, into every chanel and waterway he could. He even eventually making his way to the Mediterranean and meeting up with Greek merpeople and seeing his roots.

And when Samuel climbed back on land in Europe, it was at war. A big one.

He'd thought back then, when he'd fought for the first time, that the entire world was fighting then. The Americas WERE his world. But now he'd seen more of it. And he could see that this fight was different in a lot of new and terrifying ways. This was the fae's home turf. And it was being trenched and gassed and rolled over by tanks. The world suddenly felt small again. Smaller, and a lot more dangerous.

So he made his way home. Or, he tried to. He tried to track down his mother. But he couldn't. She was long gone. Either taken off to the sea herself, or she had died while he was away. He had no way of knowing. He never could or would know. So, he assumed the worst. Everything else seemed to be favoring 'the worst'. Why not this too?

He went to California, and worked there. The weather was nice. It wasn't too crowded yet. He could bury himself in the sand for a while. He tried to settle down. He had a few flings, but nothing really came of it. He wasn't sure he wanted it to, either. He didn't want to have a family. It wasn't his nature. He wanted to roam, be free, enjoy life for what it had, take the pleasures and drown himself in them. He went to Hawaii after that. The tropical islands. It reminded him of that same feeling of home he'd gotten before.

And the second world war came. And his little tropical paradise was scrambled, and they were at war with the beautiful islands of Japan that he'd loved before. He hated this. Hated the fighting. Hated everything about it. So he avoided it. Skillfully so, by being anywhere else whenever anyone asked about joining, particularly by once more taking to the water.

As things calmed down again, Samuel returned to California. It was more crowded than before, but it was better, too. It grew, and began to get it's reputation. He spent more time relaxing than much else. The 60's and 70's in particular were good to his fun-loving heart. A few more flings, but it hardly mattered. He had everything, didn't he? A nice stretch of beach was all he really needed. He got himself a tattoo to remind himself where he came from- a flintlock pistol surrounded by water- right at the top of his tail.

And then Fae were outed. And this was new and strange and exciting. He was a merman. Mermen were allowed to be public. And this presented all kinds of new opportunities for him. What better way of having fun was there than to show off? And boy could he show off.

So he did. And he grew more vain, and fun-loving, and self-indulgent by the year.

And werewolves were outed. And Washington started to become a hub of their kind of people. He heard about it. But Washington wasn't exactly known for its spectacular beaches, was it? No. He focused on California a while longer, surfing, being a surfer bro. But curiosity is everything eventually. He heard about things going on up there. Rogue werewolves one year, rumors of a Wild Hunt, glitter bombs? And suddenly, being a fae was profitable up there.

Samuel couldn't help himself. It was too easy, wasn't it? Move up to Washington, and be yourself, and flaunt yourself, and you can make money doing it? Who wouldn't want swimming lessons or to be guarded in the pool by an actual merman?

So here he was, standing in Pasco, signing his rental agreement for a new apartment, and making his plan work for him. He doesn't even know that he has an entire family here, though they definitely aren't the family he expected to have.

Bro | Eastern | Post Pugs

Needs Rune approval but is complete
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 11:54 AM
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