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Posted by: Hound Apr 21 2014, 10:17 PM
the ranks.
a must read.

Group A Ranks include: Alpha, Omega, Master/Mistress, Elder, High Councilmen, Mayor
Group B Ranks include: Pack seconds and thirds, Seethe enforcers, Clan Acolytes, Low Councilmen, Representative
Group C ranks are special characters.
* Denotes extra slot given as a contest prize or reward.

All Group A and B characters must be 21+ at the time of their change.
Seethe Master/Mistresses must have been a vampire for 50+ years to hold the rank.
Enforcers must have been a vampire for 10+ years to hold the rank.

Elders must be 35+ to hold the rank.
Acolytes must be 25+ to hold the rank.

Alphas must have been a werewolf for 10+ years to hold the rank.
Seconds must have been a werewolf for 2+ years to hold the rank.
Thirds must have been a werewolf for 1+ years to hold the rank.
There is no requirement for omegas to have been a werewolf. Omegas always have control and are what they are regardless of how long they have been a werewolf.

Fae: High Councilmen must be 100+ to hold the rank.
Low Councilmen and representatives have no age requirement

Group A
Characters must have admin approval to hold their rank. Admin choose this characters through an application. These applications are set on either a time limit or a number limitation. (ie: Applications open until X day of Y month or until 5 applications are received. This is done at admin discretion.) Only 1 of these per player.

Group B
Characters are chosen by the group A character in question. A pack second or third is chosen by the pack alpha, the seethe enforcer is chosen by the seethe master. These rank holders are ran by the admin and then approved. These are done on a case by case basis. Only 1 per player, however these ranks do not share the same restrictions as group A ranks. An individual may hold a Group A and a Group B ranking, but not within the same group. (ie: You may not play both the Master and Enforcer in a Seethe.)

Group C
Characters are unique at creation. These could vary from an older than normal vampire or a human with special quirks (Such as a half fae with more fae abilities than just glamour.) These characters are applied like all other characters, simply with the note that they are acknowledging that they have something unique about them. These applications will be scrutinized more heavily than the average application. Only 1 of these per player, unless obtained through the system, shop or contests. This does not prevent the character from holding another rank.
These characters may not be your first character. If you opt for the unique trait to be a 'power' of some variety, it should give them no distinct advantage over anyone else and the reasoning/source should be fully explained. Examples of a group C character could be a human mated to a werewolf that happens to be able to pull from their mate-bond to have the (lessened) senses of a wolf or a fae that is the last of it's kind. This does not mean you can have, say, a werewolf that can teleport or a werewolf-vampire hybrid.
If it is something the staff feels is overpowered, ridiculous or does not suit the world, we will deny the request or work with you to make it fit. We are extra strict with these types of characters due to their nature. Class Cs may only possess one unique trait per character. For example: They may not be both the only fae of their kind and be able to use their mate-bond to heal themselves.

Holding And Acquiring rank
To hold a rank a player must be active for 3 weeks. The rank must be open. For Group A ranks, the individual must submit an application to the admin via PM. For group B ranks, the decision is made by the players holding the involved Group A ranking. (Ie: The alpha of the pack, chooses their seconds/thirds.) For Group C, unique characters, it is expected you will have played another character on site for at least 3 weeks.

To maintain your rank, you must have 5 posts a month on that character (or have an ongoing thread in which you are nearing 10 posts) per activity check. If a ranking member has an absence up and misses an activity check, they will be given 2 weeks to check in and resume activity before their rank is removed. Post requirements do not apply to rank Cs.

Those interested in group A rankings should be active on the site, be in good standing with the other members, be actively posting. It is expected that they be capable of following directions (OOCly,) are okay being involved in the occasional thing behind the scenes and want to assist the site as a whole. Leadership ranks can and will be called upon to help with everything from plots to assisting with reviewing other applicants, as the staff see fit.

Alpha/Master/High Councilmen/Elder Applications should include

  • The character you wish to have that rank (if existing)
  • OR the application to create the character
  • Why the character and you want the rank
  • Why you feel that the character/you should have the rank
  • Not required but a link to up to 3 threads showing the character's personality and how they would handle the rank is allowed.
  • Any ideas for future group threads/plots you have
  • The future/stereotype you have for the pack/seethe (ie: Richland pack is known for being open minded, Kennewick pack is known for being the richer sort.) (This is not required for clans or council.)
Rank applications should be PM'd to one (or more) staff members and then will be discussed by the staff as a group.

Omega applications should include: Keep in mind that omegas operate differently than alphas. They simply are. They do not fight to gain their rank, they simply hold it. They are much rarer and do not fit into the ranking system of a pack.

  • The character you wish to have that rank (if existing)
  • OR the application to create the character
  • Why you want the rank and why you feel you/your character should have it. (This can include what you feel you can contribute to the site, etc)
  • Not required, but a link to up to 3 threads showing the character's personality.
  • An explanation of what omegas do in your words - This is so we know you know what you are getting into.
Omega slots are full.

Other Stuff
Exceptions to the limitations on ranks, as well as other limitations on the site, may be granted as awards for site contests or events. These will be announced in advance to all players.

Some of the ranks on the site (Alpha, Seethe Master, etc), make things difficult for players if they are empty. In the event that a suitable character is not available, these ranks will be filled by a staff-controlled NPC. The goal here is that these npcs are temporary and not anyone's actual character. They are around *only* to maintain the structure of the group and fill needs for the player characters. They will step down immediately, deferring to a player character, once one is chosen.

Posted by: Rune Jan 8 2015, 05:18 PM
Who fills the ranks.



Alphas: 3/3
Seconds: 3/3
Thirds: 3/3
Omegas: 3/3
Masters: 3/3
Enforcers: 3/9
Elders: 1/2
Acolytes: 0/2
High Councilmen: 0/2
Low Councilmen: 1/3
Representative: 1/1
Mayors: 0/3



Alpha: Miguel Garza (Rose)

Second: Locke Sinclair (Rune)

Third: Keri Adair (Kit)

Omega: Theo Calhoun-Shield (Kalyn)


Master: Cedric Botolvur (Dom)

Enforcer: Available

Enforcer: Kamoku ‘Auka (Rose)

Clan Vahvuus

Elder: Delilah Vahvuus (Leeloo)

Acolyte: Available


Mayor: Available (must be human)



Alpha: Aiden Kane (Aerona)

Second: Cole Greenway (Medic)

Third: Ruby Ortega (Rose)

Omega: Inali Blackstone (Rune)


Master: Lucian Romanov (Jenn)

Enforcer: Dalila Quindos y Quiroga (Kit)

Enforcer: Dominik Cazdobal (Dom)

Clan Sicuro

Elder: Available (Must be female)

Acolyte: Available


Mayor: Available (must be human)



Alpha: Elden Summers (Feather)

Second: Alexei Volkov (Jenn)

Third: Cayenne Sylvain (Aerona)

Omega: Kitonwy Morgan (Kit)


Mistress: Ekaterina Sokolova (Medic)

Enforcer: Available

Enforcer: Available


Mayor: Available (must be human)

Walla Walla:

High Councilmen: Available x2

Low Councilmen: Soren Hughes (Jenn) Available x2

Representative: Ciana Chase (Rii)

Posted by: Rune Jan 8 2015, 05:21 PM
Class C.
The Special Characters.

Sage Kingston - Fox Walker, Premonition (Rune)

Selene Connelley - Human sensitive to pack bond (Kit)

Vance O'Leary - Valkyrie, Male (Aerona)

Ekaterina Sokolova - Vampire, telekineses (Medic)

Glenn Frihert - Valkyrie, Male (Kit)*

Arrick Christiansen - Berserker, older than limit (Jenn)

Tariq El-Hasheem - Werewolf, older than limit (Rune)*

Theron Ingram - Cerberus, older than limit (Aerona)*

Tyr Beckett - Valkyrie, Male (Jenn)*

Vicente Navarro - Werewolf, older than limit (Dom)

Cyrus Talbot - Rawhead and Bloodbones, Only of his kind (Rune)*

Keiji Uyeda - Werewolf, future sight (Rune)*

Danica LeBeau - Vampire. visions of past through blood (Aerona)*

Tristan Riley - Siren, seer (Rii)

Ruvon Trevidic - Ankou, Only one of his kind (Rii)*

Drake Riley - Valkyrie, Male (Kit)*

Nyx Clemont - Human, Vampiric Power Mimicry (Jenn)*

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