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Total Awards: 51
Award Name Image Presented By Description
CW Founder CW Staff One of the amazing founders of CW
Starter Award CW Staff Member has an accepted app, filled all claims, started a plot page, and posted in at least one plotter.
The Tempter CW Staff Member has lured at least one person to CW
Little Helper CW Staff Someone's lending a hand!
Little Helper II CW Staff Someone's REALLY lending a hand!
Six Month Shibe CW Staff Many words. Much time. Wow.
RP Wallflower CW Staff This player has RP'd with 2 different players
RP Butterfly CW Staff This player has RP'd with 5 different people.
RP Socialite CW Staff This player has RP'd with 10 different players!
Owl of Beginnings Rune Two or more characters
Owl of Rightness Rune Five characters!
Owl of Shame Rune Ten characters!
Owl of Ultimate Shame Rune 15 characters. Really? Really?
Gotta Catch 'em All Rune One of each species!
My Little OC Rune That damn pony thread...
Rumor Has It Rune Someone's got some juicy gossip...
Wow Aerona Wow, such love, many posts. 10k. Wow
Golden Owl Of Glory Aerona 20...I can't even...
Award Hoarder Rune 15+ Awards? Have one more
Oh Lore-dy Rune Wrote Dryad and Leprechaun Lore
Advertising Participant Aerona Advertising Lady!
Book Author Aerona 750+ IC posts. Oh dear <.<
Cuddle Puddle Rune 5+ characters of a single group!
The Pen is Mightier Rune Participating in 50+ threads
Two Lore Aerona Two Fae Lore, ah ah ah
Three Lore Aerona Three, Three Fae Lore, Ah Ah Ah
Four Lore Aerona Four Lore, that rhymes
Five Lore Aerona Five Lore, you're crazy about lore!
100Weiner Aerona We're all Wieners! I mean winners. 100 posts in one day!
1 Nom Rune You've nominated once!
3 noms Rune You've nominated three times!
6 noms Rune You've nominated six times!
9 noms Rune You've nominated nine times!
12 noms Rune A whole year of nominations!
Post Push Rune 20,000 posts reached!
Journey Start Rune Started 10+ threads
Member Of The Month Aerona Member OTM January 2016
Novel Writer Rune 1000 IC posts!
Leftovers Aerona Left over points, you jelly?
Two Years Aerona Happy Two Years CW!
Anni. Participation Aerona Participated in the 2 year event!
Donator Admin So generous, much love
Donator Premium Admin Wow! Much donation!
Too many points 2017 Aerona Too many points, you jelly?
Advent Calandar Rune On the first day of advent...
Appreciation Bro Appreciated Admin Award-Bro
Little Advertiser Staff You did 10 ads! Good job!
Big Advertiser Staff You did 20 ads! Well done!
Money Award Rune Money to burn!
Mochi's Love Aerona Made with 100 percent Mochi kisses!
Extra Points 2018 Aerona Extra points, who is jelly? 18'

D-Awards 1.0 Created By Dean -- 2004 D-Scripting

Skin made by Tana @ Cosmo, Shine, and ATF with heavy edits credited to Ara.
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4.1.18 Advertising Contest begins!

2.27.18 Activity check begins!

1.16.18 Love is in the Air begins!

1.6.18 Activity check over!

1.4.18 Award system changed!

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Fall Event: Being Written
Winter Event: ???

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